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Wolf Gnards is a celebration of the dorkier sides of life. The blog features the best in nerd news, geeky films, and popular culture. Our motto is: We nerd pop culture! Or is it, we're pop culture nerds? We dissect, over-analyze, and chart popular culture until quite frankly it's no longer popular. Wolf Gnards dares to ask the questions that no one gives a damn about. If you're fluent in Klingon (G'arr D'aK!) or daydream about ninjas, Wolf Gnards is the website for you. Most of all, Wolf Gnards wants you to know that no matter how much life puts you down—no matter how bad things look—that wolfmen do indeed have gnards.

Read, discuss, and enjoy.

And please, don't take anything on this website too seriously. Life is too short for nerd on nerd crime.

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About Wolfie G. Nards


Besides being head Gnard, Wolfram G. Nards III aka Dr. Nard von Wolfenstein aka Mark—like his namesake does not like being kicked in the gnards and does, in fact, gots them. Wolfie is a classically trained writer (mostly by painting fences and waxing cars) and lifelong nerd. The Wolf Gnards website is his attempt to bring the loves of his life together in the most awkward ways possible. For more information, please, go to your local library and failing to find any information there check out this interview at Heeb Magazine about Wolf Gnards. Also, find him on G+.

Contact Wolf Gnards at woodbeecomics @ gmail.com (answering emails is not guaranteed and most likely will not happen). Feel free to drop us a line on how you feel about Wolf Gnards, be it good, bad, or utterly indifferent. If you have any suggestions for future Gnard topics, Wolf Gnards is glad to listen (acting on those suggestions is an entirely different story).

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