Every Nerd Loves Natalie Portman!

I just got back from Amsterdam, there will be pictures soon, but until then I figured I'd share with you some pictures you might actually enjoy. It's a proven fact: nerds love Natalie Portman. We got to have her. It's in the nerd bylaws. Here are the key reasons we love her so:

  1. Natalie Portman is smart. Like insanely super smart. She went to Harvard and to be honest that intimidates me more than how good looking she is.
  2. Natalie Portman is indie. What this means is that she's a little different, possibly a little quirky, and for some reason we believe this makes her attainable.
  3. Natalie Portman makes films geeks love. While she may or may not be a geek herself, she's in movies geeks love, namely the Star Wars prequels and V for Vendetta. Portman is a Fanboy's wet dream. She's like 8 Princess Leia gold bikinis rolled up into one.
Natalie Portman, Black & White
Portman's Legs
Natalie Portman: Short Hair
She even looked good after she shaved her head for V for Vendetta.
Natalie Portman's Stomach

But mainly we love her because she's hot. Very hot. She makes me feel funny deep down in my wolf gnards. The only draw back with Natalie Portman is her penchant for indie douches. Gael García Bernal, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Levine, and Devendra Banhart to name a few. For those of us that can't pull off bizarre facial hair, it leaves us painfully bereft of Portman.

  • Dee Dee Supreme
    Comment from: Dee Dee Supreme
    03/10/09 @ 04:15:46 pm

    What?!? Natalie Portman is only half the woman I am. No, literally– she’s tiny.

  • Comment from: Wolf
    03/10/09 @ 05:45:20 pm

    I’d like to point out that you’re tiny as well, 6-inch heels does not make you 6-inches taller.

    Although, upon further inspection, she does have some major league midget legs going on… yet, it doesn’t bother me one bit.

  • Dee Dee Supreme
    Comment from: Dee Dee Supreme
    03/12/09 @ 10:39:29 am

    6-inch heels does SO make me taller. I’m 6′0″, beeyatch.

  • kyle
    Comment from: kyle
    04/20/09 @ 10:25:12 pm

    Dee Dee Supreme your a dumb little <bleep>!!

  • J. M. S. Esq.
    Comment from: J. M. S. Esq.
    04/23/09 @ 02:13:08 pm

    Dee Dee Supreme, bleep you, bleep and bleep bleep bubbles bleep watch Academy Award winning film, Con Air.

  • Comment from: Wolf
    04/23/09 @ 02:49:31 pm

    I think everyone is missing the point that Natalie Portman is hot. Her hotness should be bringing this world together, not tearing this world apart.

  • zombiedoll0
    Comment from: zombiedoll0
    07/13/09 @ 01:09:03 pm

    OMG!!!Natalie Portman,not jst nerds are in live with her, some girls r too lol like me n im also a nerd :P but Natalie is super HOT n BEAUTIFUL..other girls that talk bad about her there jst hating lol

  • kevinj319
    Comment from: kevinj319
    04/16/10 @ 07:33:01 pm

    Carrie Fisher > Natalie Portman

  • Henrik
    Comment from: Henrik
    07/27/10 @ 12:47:45 pm

    Don’t forget that she’s also got an Erdős–Bacon number of 6.

  • mooogeee
    Comment from: mooogeee
    08/05/11 @ 11:13:55 am

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    And please tell me the brand of dress
    that Natalie was clothing with very short hair!!!