Most Wanted Action Figures

There are many action figures I've coveted in the past (isn't that in the Bible, Thou Shall Not Covet thy Neighbors Action Figure), but I haven't really acted on it. I've resisted the temptation. However, it has been Dunny central in our house, but no action figures. I really wanted this Galactic Heroes Darth Vader though, in all his cutsie scarred goodness. I kept seeing it, but I hesitated and when I finally decided to just get it, the store was out. :(

Though perhaps I won't pass up on these gems...

fat lady
lobster boy

Check out these Archie McPhee sideshow action figures. They have Frog Girl and Lobster Boy, Bearded Lady, World's Tallest Man & Smallest Man, and Strong Man. Now I can reenact all my Lobster Boy fantasies (and I have many). The only thing I don't like about them is that they're not anatomically accurate. A Lobster Boy isn't a half lobster, he's still a human being just with claws.

Obama Action Figure

While not as offensive as Chi-chi-chi-chia Obama, the Barack Obama action figures are pretty good looking. His abs could be little more defined though. I picture Obama more on the level of He-Man. But I can now have Barack fight side by side with Spider-Man. I'm still working on my Hulk/Taft fantasies.

Force Action Figure

I know many a good man that would pay top dollar for a Force action figure. I remember riots when force spirit Kenobi became available. Although, wouldn't the force look a little more insect like, or whatever Midi-chlorians look like... amoebas, maybe? But it's not how the figures look that matters, it's how we use them. Chewbacca makes a friend!