Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

This is what I love about Youtube, the surprisingly high production values. If I made this it would most likely involve a paper cup and like nerf ball. While, not Hollywood quality, it's much better than a regular person should pull off. Just imagine the time and money spent for 40 seconds on Youtube, you have to applaud dedication like that. To me though, the most impressive thing was he got, at least, 3 of his buddies to dress up in full stormtrooper. I'm good for one dude for my wacky shenanigans, as in I could get one dude to show up (oddly enough, always a different dude). But there's no way I could get him to dress up. He might wear the helmet, then the film would take a slight divergence where we explain why the stormtrooper is wearing a Hong Kong Phooey t-shirt and cargo pants.

The New Star Trek Film

I saw the new Trek and I liked it a lot. It was more action than the average Star Trek film, but it was film. They were definitely trying to appeal to a larger audience and I think the succeded. However, I was still bummed that Chris Pine didn't talk like Shatner. However, and this is a bit of a SPOILER ALERT, what would have been good is if Kirk's dad did a Shatner imitation. It would have both been a nice tribute and explained why the new Kirk didn't talk like Shatner.