Standing Fat: The Jesse Heiman Story

Jesse Heiman

He is no one. But he is every man. He is no where. Yet he is everywhere. He is the night. Well, maybe not the night, but he's, at least, a nice afternoon nap on a cloudy day. He is Jesse Heiman and he is the extra. Who is Jesse Heiman you may ask, but rest assured if you've seen him there wouldn't be such questions. Heiman is one of the finest stander arounders in cinema: actor, writer, creator, innovator (he says so himself). Known to many a Kraft Services as That Extra Guy, he is a professional background artist. Few men manage to take up space with such meaty determination as Heiman. Born in 1978, Jesse was a baby that crawled behind other more picturesque babies. Soon he would toddle behind other toddlers, until he grew into perhaps the premier background nerd.

Jesse has starred in such films as American Pie 2, Old School, Spider-Man, and can be seen on the small screen in on Entourage, Arrested Development, The O.C., and, of course, his greatest role in Chuck. Such accomplishments could easily make him the biggest box office draw since Burt Reynolds. But who could resist these roles? Classic characters like “Winking Comic Book Nerd” and “Piggly Wiggly Shopper” and “Locker Room Student with Inhaler.” He has an actual name in NBC's Chuck... “Fernando.” Jesse Heiman first came to my attention as the rosy cheeked kid standing behind Peter Parker in Spider-man. I thought to myself at the time, he must play some crucial role to Spidey's development because no one stands with such conviction, no cheeks could be so rosy, and not play a critical role. He's also done some incredible stand in work for Knocked Up and Forgetting Sara Marshall. Do to his pleasantly plump frame and semi-Jew fro one would assume that he stood in for Jonah Hill, but Heiman is versatile, he could easily set up the lighting for a Seth Rogan.

Heiman is best known for teen nerd extras, even at 30 that seems to be his area of expertise. It takes more than just horn rimmed glasses and a pocket protector to be a background nerd. The audience needs to feel the agony of a thousand marching bands, they need to believe that this kid could never get laid, and Heiman plays it beautifully. No one doesn't get laid better. A high school movie would be hard pressed not to include Jesse Heiman in the background. He has a special quality of fat combined with nondescript combined with rosy cheeks and invisible face. Fat floating cheek bones if you will, or the perfect TV extra. He moved to Hollywood in 2000 with the dream of being near cameras, camera adjacent. Many thought he would never almost be on film, but he proved his doubters wrong. Heiman stood with the best of them, and he's still standing today. Sometimes even speaking.

Jesse Heiman Montage

  • Dan
    Comment from: Dan
    08/17/09 @ 12:38:56 pm

    I first notice Heiman in The New Guy, and have seen him popping up in various places. By far his most prominent role (with the possible exception of Chuck, which I have not seen) was in the music video for Simple Plan’s “I’m Just A Kid,” where he screams the eponymous title whilst gently cradling his euphonium. You can see it at, with an appearance at 1:43 and 2:03.

  • Mike
    Comment from: Mike
    08/27/09 @ 08:18:22 am

    I saw this fat fuck in Manhattan Beach and got my picture taken with him. It was a few years ago after I noticed him in Spiderman. He had no idea why I wanted my picture taken with him and why I couldn’t stop laughing at him. He sucks. Nothing worse than an overacting extra.

  • detroit guy
    Comment from: detroit guy
    11/22/09 @ 03:09:14 pm

    Oh my god I could not agree more, I hate seeing this fat ass loser in so many roles? What is there a shortage of fat dorky kids out there willing to play extras roles? Seeing this fat dork all the time takes the reality out of movies, quit casting this fag, seriously whose cock did this homo suck to get casted so often? Man I hate him, go away fat ass dork!

  • Bill-DC
    Comment from: Bill-DC
    01/15/10 @ 07:20:18 pm

    Rack JTR!

  • Stephen Loftin
    Comment from: Stephen Loftin
    02/19/10 @ 04:46:10 am

    I can not believe Jesse has gotten this far… I was my rommate at South West Texas State University for 6 months. The biggest nerd anyone could ever imagine… I remeber one night i had a girl spend the night in our dorm room in our bunk beds with Jesse occupying the lower bed. It excited him to the point where his cheeks turned dark red. He is the only person that i know who swollows his tooth paste completely while brushing his teeth. All and all a pleasant guy to be around.

  • Someone
    Comment from: Someone
    07/21/10 @ 07:53:29 am

    Fuck you all!!! Why are you all cursing him???!!!

  • Pogue Mahone
    Comment from: Pogue Mahone
    07/31/10 @ 08:32:18 am

    Jesstherookie has made it big in Hollywood. He has posted at,, and and we hate him too. But his “fireside chats” were epic.

    Rack the trolls

  • Licka Meballz
    Comment from: Licka Meballz
    07/31/10 @ 08:36:43 am

    JTR is a great actor. Rack him.

  • ralph
    Comment from: ralph
    03/17/11 @ 02:08:00 pm

    Um? Why all the hate towards him? Jealous much?

    I have met him and worked with him and there is really little to dislike about the bro.

  • Comment from: Wolf
    03/17/11 @ 03:24:00 pm

    Of course, I’m jealous. Who wouldn’t be jealous? I’d love to stand around a background for a living. I’m excellent at filling space. Hollywood, if you’re listening, give Wolf Gnards a call.

    And who’s hating? This is a celebration of the man’s talent of not having any discernible talent. We should all be so gifted.

  • SoulR3arp3r
    Comment from: SoulR3arp3r
    03/21/11 @ 10:05:41 pm

    Gotta love hater’s, this country has become the biggest in hate. One will kill you because of what you may have or do over them. Just pitifull. Where are the day’s of applaude and congrat’s on one’s success?? no matter how one manage’s to get there. Get a life hater’s!

  • Kansta
    Comment from: Kansta
    03/24/11 @ 12:53:44 pm

    hahaah i thought i was the only one that always noticted him while i was watchin all these kid shows and he was always in dackround doing nothing but nodding his head and i would always think im hella dumb cause i would always see him aahahaha

  • Bohnnie
    Comment from: Bohnnie
    04/12/11 @ 10:40:01 pm

    Saw him on Jay Leno last night and never had heard of him before. Then watched the video that some guy in Sweden put together about him and it was soooo cool. The music to go with the video just put it together beautifully. All in all, I think Jesse is adorable and I love the guy that took the time to make that video. I’d love to know who he is and why he did it. What’s the story there? Haters feedback ——- go be jealous somehere else! I’ll be watching for Jesse having a prime spot in a movie/TV show.
    Gooooooo Jesse.

  • coffelover
    Comment from: coffelover
    04/18/12 @ 11:02:44 am

    i honestly don’t easily recognize people because i’m a snob. i’m an ignorant bitch especially to those who are not worth in the eyes. but this dude is like everywhere! i hadn’t realize that until one day i decided to check the full cast in the tv series chuck. then i came across his picture and i clicked it. there i learned how much of an extra he is! hahaha i was so amazed and this made me laugh. at first whenever i see his face in any video or whatsoever, i thought there were just too many fat nerds lying around that they all look alike already. but no, he’s just one person! go jesse! from now on, everytime i watch something, i’ll be looking forward to seeing you!

  • Bucky Blueballs
    Comment from: Bucky Blueballs
    02/04/13 @ 08:46:10 pm

    Rack JTR! A great troll from

  • Jimmy wales
    Comment from: Jimmy wales
    03/31/13 @ 06:18:04 am

    Do you people not understanding how acting works? You go to school for it. You take on plays then after that you try out for roles like background casting and commercials. I have friends that did commercials and background casting. It’s not like this guy just walked in and said “I wanna be a sore thumb” no. He worked for it. Amazing how people get jealous of ones success, why don’t you people get off the Internet and do what he does and then you don’t have to cast shadows you become a shadow.