Pig Dance & Goonies Sequel

Speaking of Goonies... The Truffle Shuffle!

It wasn't until recently that I realized what Truffle Shuffle meant. A truffle being a rare mushroom traditionally found through special truffle hunting pigs. And shuffle, of course, meaning lazy dance. They are telling Chunk to do the Pig Dance.

For some reason, I have no problem with the Goonies asking Chunk to lift his shirt up and let that sweet fat fly. You must amuse me to gain entrance. But to call it a Pig Dance just seems to go a little too far. Of course, Chunk has no problem with his nickname being Chunk, will answer to the name Chunk, his family calls him Chunk, so pig dance probably isn't a big concern to Lawrence.

And there are plenty of other Pig Dancers out there!
Truffle Shuffle
Truffle Champ
Too much Truffle not Enough Shuffle

No Goonies Sequel

Goonies Cast

As of yet there's no sequel to the Goonies. Sources close to Movie Hole claim Goonies 2 is very much underway. But I'll believe that when pig's dance. The sequel would have teamed the original cast up with new Goonies. I imagine only Corey Feldman and Joey Pants were eager to sign up. A movie about a bunch of grown men wrestling around in the mountains with a group of kids is always a recipe for disaster. They could use the story to the Goonies II video game though, which involved a mermaid for some reason.

Of course, they've broken our hearts before. In 2007, director Richard Donner announced Goonies: The Musical. Which seems to be equally far away from happening. Two years later and still no news. I want to see lavish pirate set pieces, Goonies dance numbers, and an extremely gay Mikey twirl his way into our hearts. Cult movies seem to be a fairly solid formula for Broadway success: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Producers, and Young Frankenstein to name a few. I'm waiting for Eraserhead: The Musical, should be a good ol' time.

If a Goonies musical or sequel ever does happen though, may I suggest star of screen and stage, Brian Posehn as Sloth.

  • Jonna
    Comment from: Jonna
    10/01/09 @ 07:19:34 pm

    Brian Posehn as Sloth! Classic. I second that suggestion.

  • traylove
    Comment from: traylove
    10/02/09 @ 08:34:45 am

    please oh please

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