Alien Plush Toy

Alien Face HuggerNo, Alien stats here. I haven't figured how many faces could a facehugger if a facehug could hug faces. But I should. I have found these nifty little bugger to add to any Beanie Baby collection. ThinkGeek has this lovely Alien Facehugger Plush toy. What baby wouldn't want this in their crib?

It would make an excellent and cheap Halloween costume though.

Alien Lifecycle

One note on the Alien lifecycle, the facehugger seems to be one of the most pointless evolutionary steps in film. An Alien queen lays eggs... yes, I'm 100% on board. But in those eggs, what should be little tiny baby aliens are, in fact, a completely different alien. The Alien queen lays eggs, the eggs hatch then these different aliens lay eggs inside meat filled sacks (people), which then incubate into full grown aliens. This is like a human giving birth to a monkey that is born pregnant with a baby human. Great for movie magic and story telling, but a little strange for actual reproduction.

  • Infant Girl Clothes
    Comment from: Infant Girl Clothes
    04/29/10 @ 01:32:55 pm

    This is great! I love the ThinkGeek website, especially the tee shirts they have for kids. I think t-shirt hell has some clever kids tee-shirts too, but i am not too sure I would ever put any of them on my child! Good post though, off i go to thinkgeek to waste another hour or so of browsing! haha.

  • Gareth
    Comment from: Gareth
    06/18/10 @ 10:28:11 am

    Depending on the ‘meat filled sack’/host, the resulting Alien had slightly different phsyical properties - Dog-like alien in Alien 3, Pred/Alien in AVP etc.
    You could argue that the reason the Queen layed the eggs that hatched facehuggers that layed eggs that hatched aliens, was so that the aliens would always be best suited to the environment.