Danica McKellar: What's the Square Root of Hot?

If possibly loosing your virginity to Fred Savage is a factor in being a geek girl we love, I would be remissed not to include Danica McKellar on the list. Like Kevin Arnold, we all feel in love with Danica the first time we saw her in go-go boots.

But besides being Winnie Cooper, Danica is a geek's geek. She's like 5 Wolf Gnards and half a Stephen Hawking rolled up into one... with boobs. A real hardcore nerd, and that's hard to come by in today's Hollywood (there's a pun in there somewhere). How nerdy is she? Well, she majored in mathematics at UCLA and co-authored a scientific paper with Professor Lincoln Chayes and Brandy Winn, which resulted in the Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorem. How many other former child stars have a theorem named after them? And the Emmanuel Lewis Inverse Height/Skin Tone Axiom doesn't count.

In honesty, Danica McKellar doesn't quite do it for me as much as the Winnie Cooper of my youth. But for a math geek, there's none hotter. She even has two books, Math Doesn't Suck and Kiss My Math, basically they're text books for cute girls. Yes, you can be attractive and do your homework, a message that needed to be reiterated. And Danica has an Erdős–Bacon number of 6. That's how many degrees a person separates Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős from Foot Loose star Kevin Bacon. The only actor with an Erdős–Bacon number just as low? You guessed it, my favorite, Natalie Portman!

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  • Cailin
    Comment from: Cailin
    12/08/09 @ 06:13:01 pm

    Thanks for featuring Danica! I’m a blogger whose major topic is quite girly, so I have little outlet for my inner geek - I love to see my geeky sisters getting some love! Yes - you CAN be attractive and do your homework…and more importantly, you should. :-)

  • Mike
    Comment from: Mike
    12/19/09 @ 11:48:26 am

    Wouldn’t it be great finding the greatest common denominator with a woman like that? Whoofty dogs, pies are square!

  • Pacrimgirl
    Comment from: Pacrimgirl
    01/20/10 @ 01:03:50 am

    No way - she became a mega math nerd? Thanks for answering the “whatever happened to” Winnie for me. p.s. Am I the only one who always thinks of Danica McKellar when I see the girl from “Harold & Kumar"?

  • wow quest helper
    Comment from: wow quest helper
    03/19/11 @ 04:18:12 am

    If this lady here is my teacher, I would go to school even it hasn’t opened yet everyday. I would always raise my hands even if I don’t know the answer and would humbly obey the punishment whenever am wrong.

  • remove moles
    Comment from: remove moles
    03/25/12 @ 04:51:42 pm

    She’s cute, but I have to agree that Natalie Portman is more attractive - she looks more elegant and sophisticated.