Danielle Fishel: Big Hair is Big Love

Or Topanga Meets Sandwich

Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel, best known for playing mega haired Topanga on Boy Meets World, was a great nerd crush. Topanga was smart, quirky (perhaps a bit too granola), and she hung out the venerable dorks like Minkus and Ben Savage. So, we say to ourselves, surely she would want to hang out with Wolf Gnards. If this cute girl likes those geeks, a lesser geek, such as my teenage self, must have looked like I walked right off the cover of Tiger Beat. Every prepubescent little nerd dreams of meeting a nice nerd girl, putting in the work, earning her heart and whatnot, then she accidentally or magical becomes hot, and then she's stuck with this homely nerd who put in so much effort.

Fishel actually dated Ben Savage both on the show and in real life. This wasn't just following the script. Ben Savage, best known for being a mutant growth of Fred Savage, actually dated Danielle Fishel. He fondled her big hair and other fondlable things. Not only that though, Fishel then turned around and dated Joey Lawrence's little brother (also on Boy Meets World). Dating Topanga is easy, just trap yourself in a room with her (where you're one of the few other members of the opposite sex), and constantly explain who your older brother is.

Me: Don't you know my brother is Ron Gnards.

Topanga: Ron Gnards you say... and I'm trapped in this elevator with you.

Me: Totally.

Topanga: I guess we better make out then.

Me: I guess so.


So, what happened to this hot young star, well she got less hot and less young. But she's still a fine geek crush. Danielle Fishel hosts The Dish on some lady network, which is kind of like Wolf Gnards for girls.

Topanga's Weight Gain

Danielle has an inverse hair to body relationship. See as Topanga's hair on the show decreased, her weight seemed to increase. Perhaps her body compensated for the change in mass. Regardless, Danielle got curvier, and curvy in a very good sort of way. But her hair kept getting straighter and straighter, clearing a pathway for sandwiches.

Fishel Weight

This doesn't change a thing.

  1. She's still cute.
  2. More of her to love.
  3. She's just becoming more attainable.
  4. Given her shortness and new width, she is roughly the same shape and size as R2-D2 and I love me some R2-D2.
  • J.M.S. Esq.
    Comment from: J.M.S. Esq.
    01/21/10 @ 07:19:31 am

    The most striking thing about Ms. Fishel is her prominent – aggressive, even – bosom. Where the female romantic leads on other teen sitcoms like the Wonder Years and Saved By The Bell were pre-pubescent cute or that asexual acne-medication-commercial attractive, Topanga was a big breasted earth mother of a crush. Dating characters on other sitcoms, in addition to never touching one another other than the occasional audience-woo-inducing-but-still-pretty-chaste smooch, gave the impression of being stored in some sex-free cabinet when not off screen. Topanga, when not cracking wise or acting as the boys’ externalized conscience, was definitely being groped.

  • Comment from: Wolf
    01/21/10 @ 08:59:01 am

    I haven’t seen a comment for the Esquire in quite a while, I’m glad Topanga’s large breasts stirred so much in you.

  • Dee Dee Supreme
    Comment from: Dee Dee Supreme
    01/21/10 @ 09:20:59 am

    Wasn’t Ms. Fishel just on the cover of People or something? She’s been out and about talking about how she loves her curves and is much happier now that she’s not starving herself to stay teen queen thin. But, really, Wolfie? R2D2? No robot has an aggressive bosom like Topanga. Not even Rosie.

  • Nix
    Comment from: Nix
    01/21/10 @ 11:22:19 am

    Minkus is where it’s at

  • J.M.S. Esq.
    Comment from: J.M.S. Esq.
    01/21/10 @ 11:57:43 am

    It’s not my place to do it, hampered as I am by my near terminal gravitas, but I’m concerned that there is a Rosie’s robot breasts/motorboat joke opportunity here going unexploited.

  • Barry
    Comment from: Barry
    01/21/10 @ 12:34:15 pm

    Yeah!!! Danielle Fishel. Still have a crush on her to this very day and will check out The Dish whenever I come across it. Hell, I did a few days ago. I would say I like her more now than I did on Boy Meets World.

  • Comment from: Wolf
    01/21/10 @ 12:36:09 pm

    And for those of you who don’t follow, possibly sleeping with a Savage brother is a factor in nerd love:


    I don’t know why this is, but Mr. Feeny, you’re next.

  • Doug
    Comment from: Doug
    01/22/10 @ 09:28:03 am

    she was never cute. she still isn’t cute. i submit that she wasn’t even all that nerdy, more of an earth mother, crazy granola chomping flake.

  • pokerbot
    Comment from: pokerbot
    04/17/10 @ 12:58:12 am

    I like R2D2 better…..

  • custom drapes
    Comment from: custom drapes
    09/10/10 @ 12:00:44 pm

    This is a topic close to my heart thanks, i’ve been thinking about this for a while.

  • Jennifer
    Comment from: Jennifer
    11/28/10 @ 05:08:31 pm

    I’m a rather straight girl and I’ve always had a crush on Daniel. Sexy and voluptuous.

  • Dannys Fondler
    Comment from: Dannys Fondler
    06/24/11 @ 07:49:21 am

    She does still look hot and she should really loose the clothes and show us what she’s got. Her career is basically over now, after her stint on The Dish and her DUI. She should do some porn, as all of us who had a crush on her would buy it up like hotcakes. I, personally, would enjoy tying her hands behind her back, tearing off her clothes, and having my way with her. She probably wouldn’t be able to walk to talk after I was done with her body…

  • Mel, Three Wheel Bike
    Comment from: Mel, Three Wheel Bike
    06/26/11 @ 06:37:37 am

    Topanga. Sigh. I miss that show. My favorite ones are when theyre older… much funnier.

    I remember when she “went out” with Lance Bass. Lmao, good cover up.

  • Ray
    Comment from: Ray
    07/20/11 @ 09:07:44 pm

    Still smoking HOTT.

  • bigfun
    Comment from: bigfun
    02/11/12 @ 10:55:18 am

    i always thought she is beautiful/hot/sexy to me she was always better with a little weight on gave her curvs and who dont like a woman with curvs specially a smart and talented woman so my opinion she should keep some weight on who cares what ppl think i think she looks gorgeous in that pic

  • Marco
    Comment from: Marco
    02/23/12 @ 08:11:26 am

    she is still hot, i’d do her anyday … call me danielle ;)

  • Daniel Tyler
    Comment from: Daniel Tyler
    06/18/12 @ 08:45:14 pm

    OK, Who wouldn’t be honored to be compared to such a great actor as R2-D2?
    That guy is a legend and the only guy I know that can project images from his eye.

  • Dan
    Comment from: Dan
    07/16/12 @ 08:10:50 am

    I think she is one of the most gorgeous women in the world sexy and big breasted too. I still watch the reruns of Boy Meets World just to watch her.

  • Ashley
    Comment from: Ashley
    11/08/12 @ 08:01:15 am

    She did not date any of the characters. Ben Savage and herself did have dinner to see if they were any sparks but no- they’re relationship stayed as a brother/sister. She isn’t a tramp as you guys are making her seem. She refuses to pose nude like most stars. You have to give the women props. She’s very beautiful and classy. She may have gained weight- but she’s beautiful and her body is still rocking!

    Everybody have a great day & a safe weekend.