The Many Ways A T-Rex Can Get in a Building

Andrew from Akron asks:

My Dear Wolf Nards,
I've always been bugged by the ending of Jurassic Park, how did the T-Rex get into the discovery center? I've looked at it from every angle and there wasn't a door big enough for a tyrannosaurus.

Jurassic Park Ending

When we first saw Jurassic Park and the T-Rex came out of no where to kill the Velociraptor at the end, we all thought the same thing... awesome. It was just that, not much more thought went into it. Upon a thousand viewings later though questions like these start to crop up. Interestingly, this wasn't the original ending of the film. The original draft of the script had Alan Grant fighting off the raptors with a mechanized tyrannosaurus skeleton. Spielberg deemed that ending too unbelievable and very a good call on his part.

We all like to poke holes in great movies, this site is based on nothing but that, and Jurassic Park in no exception. Cracked had a similar dilemma with the the ending of Jurassic Park, their beef being that suddenly in the waning moments of the film T-Rex miraculously becomes a silent ninja. But not only does the T-Rex need to become a silent killer, but it needs to get into the guest center first. We're dealing with a 20 ft high tyrannosaurus and a 7 ft door. Either it destroys the door trying to get in or gets its head stuck trying.

Jurassic Park Discovery Center

Here are just a few of the most likely scenarios:

Through a Window

Window Crash

The Tyrannosaurus Rex could have crashed through any number of glass windows. The Discovery Center looks like it's 80% glass. Plus there's a good chance that either John Hammond or Newman had a pie cooling on the windowsill at the time.

Dinosaur Shaped Door or Hole

T-Rex Door

The Jurassic Park Discovery Center is a pretty big building with presumably some sort of loading dock and doors big enough to fit any number of dinosaurs. T-Rex just needs to go through the loading dock, through the warehouse, up an elevator, past the office staff cubicles, past the vending machines, down some stairs, through the tourist displays, and BAM at the front door.

Like a Rat

T-Rex Hole

And it may not even need to be a big hole to crawl though. Rats can fit through holes the size of quarters, perhaps a particularly nimble and flexible Tyrannosaurus Rex can fit through a hole the size of a basketball. Not knowing their exact physiology in nature limits what we can expect them to do. So, next time you hear something scratching around in the walls, it just may be a T-Rex.

The T-Rex was Always There

T-Rex Egg

It was one of the hatched eggs from the beginning of the movie. It hatched, lived, and grew over the course of the two days. It didn't need to sneak into the guest center because it was always in the guest center. It's like that urban legend: The call from the T-Rex is coming from inside the house.

Through the Pipes

T-Rex in Pipe

A facility with all the major problems of a theme park and a zoo probably has one hell of a sewer system. The Tyrannosaurus could have made its way through the underground pipes just like Mario. A Dig Dug analogy can also work. And if it couldn't go under, perhaps it could go over...

Flew Over Center by Jet Plane

T-Rex in Jet

T-Rex has a need, a need for speed. And after flying the jet over the Discovery Center, the T-Rex will consequentially...

Parachuted In

T-Rex Parachute

A hang glider or da Vinci plane could also work in a pinch.

Tyrannosaurus Teleported Inside

T-Rex Teleporter Pad

T-Rex either used a Star Trek teleporter pad or it had a latent mutant ability like Nightcrawler. Think of it less of dinosaur or more of a mutant frog. All it needs to do is separate its molecules one at a time and resemble them on the other side of the wall.

Through the Looking Glass

T-Rex Mirror

Why teleport when a convenient worm hole is readily available? T-Rex obviously made it in the same way Alice made it to Wonderland. It doesn't have to just be a magic mirror either, any kind of worm hole or space/time anomalies will do.

Shrink Ray

T-Rex Shrinking

If Rick Moranis is not available (and who are we kidding... he's available), a “drink me” bottle from an early visit from Wonderland would do. A shrunken T-Rex could easily waltz right in, the only problem is finding some sort of re-bigulator on the other side.

The Power of Christ

Jesus with Dinosaur

All you need is a little faith in the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Jeff Goldblum Did It

Jeff Goldblum

I don't know how he did it, but somehow, someway Jeff Goldblum was involved in getting that T-Rex through the door. Goldblum represents the finest in movie scientist, and let's not forget he once even managed to hack alien technology. If anyone can figure out how to get a 20 ft dinosaur through a 7 ft door, it's Jeff Goldblum. Instead of thinking of the T-Rex saving Grant, the kids, and Laura Dern (and her short shorts), you can think of Jeff Goldblum saving them. He picked that raptor up in his powerful Jeff Goldblum jaws just in the nick of time.

  • John Harmonium
    Comment from: John Harmonium
    02/22/10 @ 04:19:14 am

    Absolument génial.

    La théorie la plus vraisemblable demeure à mon humble avis la Goldblummaction.

    A moins que le T-Rex n’ait subit une exposition aux rayons cosmiques et qu’il n’ait développé le pouvoir de Reed Richards - élastique - ce qui expliquerait qu’il est entré par la porte de 7ft sans la détruire.

    Le cinquième Fantastique en quelque sorte O_o …

    Whatever, congratulations.
    A french reader.


  • InnerNerd6
    Comment from: InnerNerd6
    02/22/10 @ 09:40:27 am


    God I love this blog. So, so much.

  • John
    Comment from: John
    02/22/10 @ 09:56:29 am

    I’m going with dinosaur-shaped door. Just like the Master Shake-shaped door on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  • FishRockette
    Comment from: FishRockette
    02/22/10 @ 11:36:52 am

    Or he just came in through that tarp covering the missing wall in the dining room area. Just saying. That may have only been in the book, but I think I clearly remember seeing it in the movie too…

  • Comment from: Wolf
    02/22/10 @ 05:46:03 pm

    For those who don’t speak French, John said:

    Absolutely brilliant.

    The theory most likely remains in my humble opinion the Goldblummaction.

    Unless the T-Rex suffered exposure to cosmic rays and it developed the power of Reed Richards - elastic - which explains why it came through the 7ft door without destroying it.

    The fifth Fantastic somehow O_o …

    And I’m glad to see how far reaching the appeal of both Jurassic Park and Fantastic Four are… Not to mention Wolf Gnards!

  • Some Guy
    Comment from: Some Guy
    02/22/10 @ 08:21:01 pm

    F’ing hilarious. I lost my shit when that picture of Calvin as a T-Rex in a fighter came up.

    Also, here’s one:

    Right as everything goes to hell the T-Rex consumes the goat, dribbles food on the car, then comes crashing through the gate.

    Hijinks ensue.

    Suddenly, the T-Rex hoists the car up on the wall and knocks it off a 50 foot drop.

    Through the same f’ing hole he walked through not 10 minutes before.

    Bam. Gone.

  • Harris
    Comment from: Harris
    02/22/10 @ 10:27:53 pm

    The obvious answer is that he smashed through a wall that you never see. The rex is a pretty dumb dino so I doubt he could master any complex gestures to get into the building. They didn’t show the destroyed wall because it would show more of the failures of an already failed theme park…

  • Comment from: Wolf
    02/23/10 @ 08:59:56 am

    I do think the T-Rex shaped hole in the wall represents smashing through the wall.

    Though you would think crashing through a wall would make a noticeable sound. If it’s one thing Kool-Aid Man knows it’s how to make a flashy entrance.

  • Ralph Mcguffin
    Comment from: Ralph Mcguffin
    02/23/10 @ 04:30:43 pm

    This blog make me laugh ’til I pee.

    This one’s easy though. Drumroll please…………………………………………………………………………………….

    He came in through a plot hole!


  • Train the Trainer
    Comment from: Train the Trainer
    03/09/10 @ 02:51:34 pm

    I agree with Harris, as awesome as flying in a jet plane and parachuting in would be, I think the Kool-Aid Man approach is the most likely. I bet they just didn’t want to smash up the set on-camera, that’s all.

  • Lewis
    Comment from: Lewis
    08/04/10 @ 02:37:20 pm

    Don’t mean to be an annoying fanboy, but I’m going to.

    First of all it’s called the Visitor Center.

    Second of all, the original sequence involved grant using the forklift to kill the raptors by knocking the T-Rex skeleton onto them.

    Thirdly, it’s true that the T-Rex was undeniably stealthy when it entered the visitor center, but if you look closesly in one of the shots, you can clearly see a conspicuous opening in the building that leads out into the jungle. Big enough for the T-Rex to fit through. Remember, Jurassic Park wasn’t finished and the visitor center was still being built when the tour takes place.

    So yes, your blog is still a good read, but is rendered wholly inaccurate when you read into the subject a little more. Sorry for being a party-pooper but I ADORE this film and always have done.

  • Lewis
    Comment from: Lewis
    08/04/10 @ 02:51:58 pm

    Hi! I’m the Jurassic Park fanboy again.

    Thought you might be interested in seeing this image which took me little to no time to find on the web:


  • Holden
    Comment from: Holden
    01/28/11 @ 10:11:30 am

    I’m so frick’n glad someone besides me noticed that the spot the car fell off of the T-rex walked over a few minutes before.

  • kaner
    Comment from: kaner
    06/04/11 @ 05:03:06 pm

    dude this is HILARIOUS i just got done seein this on TV again, and if you look right after he gets the first raptor there is an enterance behind him without a door, only problem is it would have to crawl into it and be completely silent

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  • The Older Looking Girl
    Comment from: The Older Looking Girl
    07/01/12 @ 08:59:08 am

    This is great. I can’t beleive Jeff Goldbloom is still doing this a his age. The Jarassic Park thing did suit him though but he is now looking older than he used to. Go Goldy Go,

    A Duck

  • Wow
    Comment from: Wow
    10/28/12 @ 11:33:54 pm

    Please tell me this isn’t a real question or answer. Does this person have trouble figuring out how they get the cars into car showrooms, too? Yikes.

  • Jess Rachel
    Comment from: Jess Rachel
    01/14/13 @ 03:49:50 pm

    He laid on his back and asked a passer by to push him in.

  • T-rex
    Comment from: T-rex
    12/06/13 @ 06:06:19 pm

    Hi! I´m a fan oy Trex and other dinosaurs. JP always is a comedy, although I like this movies. I always wonder to: As the trex went in there?

    When I saw the movie the milliont time, In one scene it seems that there was an entry with a curtain that was big enough for him to enter. But I don´t know the Trex went through those passage.

    However, Trex is a massive predator and furtive to. That scene is the best one and more realistic of all JP movies. The Trex should has been a furtive animal when in live.

    Congratulations for the blog. I laughed a lot here of the comments and theory of the Trex. The power of Christ! kkkkkk!

  • Pablo
    Comment from: Pablo
    05/31/14 @ 01:00:19 pm

    Here is your answer: (fisrt of all, excuse me for my poor english)
    If you remember, the park was being prepared for a future opening. And the visitors center was under construction.

    Watch this frame of the movie:

    You can see de workers. And the extreme right and left windows at the front of the building are without glass, but covered with plastic (specially the left one). T. rex of the movie could get in to the building without problem across this last window. In fact, that’s preciselly what yo can see at the end of the movie.

    Check this frame:

    Greetings from Uruguay!