The Amazon Kindle's Annie Little

Who is the Kindle Girl and Why do we Love her?

Amazon Kindle Girl

Nerds like books. Nerds like cute girls who would never like nerds. All making the Amazon Kindle campaign a win/win situation for nerds and unrequited cute girls everywhere. The girl we've all fallen for from the Kindle commercial is Annie Little and is a geek girl through association. Like all beautiful people, Little found bigger nerds to stand on the shoulders of and propel her to greater heights. Photographer Angela Kohler and producer Ithyle Griffiths—both big Kindle fans, both big geeks—asked Annie to participate in a stop motion project for an Amazon Kindle video contest. Annie also co-wrote and performed the Kindle's theme song “Fly Me Away.”

Three factors aid in Annie Little's major nerd appeal. The first being stop motion animation. Some of the greatest moments in geekery involved stop motion animation: King Kong, Star Wars' AT-AT's, ED-209 (Robocop), and pretty much everything by Ray Harryhausen (who many believe to be just a fantastic special effect himself). So, we think, if I talked about Star Wars to Annie, she won't possibly roll her eyes because she understands my pain and joy... and my stop motion. Not only that though, we think that if she's willing to sit for a seven hour photo shoot, what else is she willing to sit through? Any number of impossibly nerdy movie marathons perhaps? My Klingon poetry?

The second thing we like is her uncanny resemblance to Kristen Bell (an actress familiar with many a nerd project—Flatland, Assassin's Creed, Fanboys, Heroes). But it's her work on Veronica Mars that she's remembered best for. Veronica being a sassy high school detective is a sure fire way to get any Velma loving nerd's heart a flutter. Jinkies. Although, it could be her distinct ability of not being Bell though that is even more attractive. While, the allusion of an actual Kirsten Bell may be gone, this is a fresh Kirsten Bell clone with all new allusions.

A second commercial has just cemented her in those hearts. Which brings us to the third reason, the possibility of nerd love. This is because the second commercial also starred a vaguely nerdy guy, Ryan Curry. Notice the glasses and the sciencey tubes, that's to let the consumer know he's a nerd, and notice Annie not running way and performing a new song, “Stole Your Heart” which vaguely alludes to possibly loving this nerd with the glasses and the bunsen burner (and the Jell-o pudding pop). Which brings us back to believing this girl will lay on the floor with us for several hours. She probably won't but it's fun to imagine.

Annie Little
Annie Little on Grass
Annie Little Sitting
Annie Little Psycho
Annie Little Swimsuit
  • Eric
    Comment from: Eric
    05/03/10 @ 09:42:44 am

    I was wondering about these commercials…reminded me of Oren Lavie’s “Her Morning Elegance.” Same use of stop motion photography. These ads are much better than Apples, that much is sure…pains me to say it as I’m an Apple fan. Kudos to the directors and to Annie…very talented!

  • J.D.
    Comment from: J.D.
    05/04/10 @ 09:35:05 pm

    Eric, the Apple commercials are better because at the end you know what the product is. With Annie’s commercial you’ve got this gorgeous girl with lips you could get lost in, but what’s the product? It took me four times to figure out what they were selling. On the positive side I do drop everything when the commercial comes on and watch. Oh, those lips!!!

  • jcadams
    Comment from: jcadams
    06/07/10 @ 03:29:31 pm

    Very perceptive analysis. But this video also has another quality — and that is the fact that this actor projects a rare level of truth and genuineness that we don’t often experience in the media. Probably because Ms. Little actually wrote and performed the song. And even in these cynical and troubled times that quality really comes across — even when we know nothing about who actually wrote or performed the music. Plus it’s also very simple music score matched with very basic lyrics. Finally, Ms. Little projects a very wholesome demeanor with a hint of humor and kindness. I think that this offering will stand the test of time.

  • Ken Puck
    Comment from: Ken Puck
    06/13/10 @ 09:21:17 pm

    I was zapped the first time I watched Annie Little. Two questions occurred to me immediately: 1.) who IS this person? and 2.) am I the only one to have this reaction? Well, obviously not. Her “Q” rating must be a googolplex

  • R. Ashton
    Comment from: R. Ashton
    06/16/10 @ 10:00:11 pm

    The fact she co-wrote and sung the song is fantastic. Some genius also figured out that, with her Dutch-style face and the stance of her eyes, she would look great and mysterious in those 1920s-style aviator goggles in the video. Incredible look.

  • roger
    Comment from: roger
    08/31/10 @ 09:13:44 pm

    your hot and i luv your voice. sorry, but it turns me on.

  • david kyle
    Comment from: david kyle
    09/11/10 @ 08:43:34 am

    On the anniversary of tragic 9/11 this Annie Little presentation. gives me a special sense of peace and beauty. —David 9/11/2010

  • Rico
    Comment from: Rico
    02/01/11 @ 05:47:25 pm

    The forth reason Annie Little is so loved: She is breathtakingly beautiful. What red-blooded man wouldn’t want her to have his baby?

  • cynos
    Comment from: cynos
    02/23/11 @ 05:24:46 pm

    It’s her legs.

  • kurt4250
    Comment from: kurt4250
    11/11/11 @ 04:59:27 pm

    Are you sure the girl is not Amy Rutberg? I mean it’s the eyes that make me think this!

  • chau tinh tri
    Comment from: chau tinh tri
    07/11/14 @ 12:07:11 am

    The forth reason Annie Little is so loved: She is breathtakingly beautiful. What red-blooded man wouldn’t want her to have his baby?