The Truth About Fat Men and Hot Wives in Sitcoms

What the Government Doesn't Want you to Know

TV Fat Guys

There is a conspiracy of fat men on television. Why did Kevin James, Jim Belushi, and Mark Addy have TV shows? Talent? Hardly. Most would attribute the phenomenon by the simple equation fat equals funny and, of course, the fatter the funnier, but this does not work in pairs. The classic fat duos are traditionally the fat and the fat inverse ie someone skinny, creating fat & skinny comedy teams like Laurel & Hardy, Farley & Spade, Jay & Silent Bob. You can't have two fats because instead of wacky hijinks they would just eat a series of progressively larger sandwiches throughout the movie. On a marriage related sitcom the fat man stands in the for the husband and a hot chick stands in for the skinny sidekick. One would think it's just the regular comedic fat formula, but one would be wrong. The fat guy/hot wife scenario was created for one purpose: the subjugation of woman.

There's nothing funny about the abuse of women through some of the world's fattest men. Great examples of fattitude include: Just the 10 of Us, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, According to Jim, King of Queens, Grounded for Life, Still Standing, and even animated shows like Simpsons and Family Guy are designed to keep women down through male obesity. These television shows all have fat men, all with women who would never date fat men let alone commit their lives to vacuuming under their stomachs. Coach from Just the 10 of Us needed an entire hot family to support is fat ass. Is this just male fantasy run amuck, or is there something deeper? Here's how the media fat cats are manipulating women: A single woman watches one of these shows and thinks, “Hmmm, if Stacey Carosi could only get Kevin James, and surely I'm not as good looking as Stacey Carosi, could I possibly do better than Kevin James?” Of course not, better settle for that mutant over there. Likewise if Courtney Thorne-Smith could only pull down John Belushi's less talented brother, could you ever hope to be with a more talent brother? Not at all, fat dude sitcoms tell us better to be with a loser than no one at all.

The consolation prize for that slob on the couch is, at least, he's funny. As if that's something women want. Women then don't actually like funny men, but are conditioned to settle for personality by the media. Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has the added bonus of also being wealthy. Sufficient money and humor will get you a Leah Remini or a Jami Gertz, or whatever B List actress you want. And who's to benefit? Fat comedians, fat politicians, and your fat boyfriend, of course. Our entire entertainment industry is based on the concept of helping less attractive men get laid. That's why underdog's always get the girl in the end, to increase the potential of this actually happening in real life.

The conspiracy goes back to the early 1950's in a possible underground meeting between Colonel Sanders, Winston Churchill, Fats Domino, the ghost of Fatty Arbuckle, and a 3-year-old Jerry Mathers (as the Beaver). Remember women's suffrage was still fresh on the minds and the Women's revolution was well on the horizon, the government had no choice but to come up with a plan. The question was put forth: How can we both stunt women empowerment and get hot women to date us? The answer was The Honeymooners. Jackie Gleason is the alpha fat man to Audrey Meadows's omega hot chick. The Honeymooners was devised to keep women at bay through fear and intimidation, but in the funniest ways possible. Gleason was essentially asked to promote domestic abuse, but in a hee-hee sort of way. The lesson of every episode of the the Honeymooners: no matter how fat, dumb, and belligerent your man is, you better stick with him because there's absolutely no alternative.

And if she doesn't like your beer gut then it's bang, zoom, to the moon.

  • RCox
    Comment from: RCox
    04/01/10 @ 06:27:27 am

    what about Rosanne?

  • Bry
    Comment from: Bry
    04/01/10 @ 06:50:25 am

    You forgot the ultimate fat guy/hot chick pairing: Fred and Wilma Flintstone! I mean really, how does a fat caveman who works in a quarry get the hot skinny redhead in real life? Kevin James owes his career to one Fred Flintstone.

  • Comment from: Wolf
    04/01/10 @ 09:59:22 am

    Flintstones is a great one! I definitely should have mentioned it, I even wrote it down but it must have slipped my mind. However, The Flintstones are essentially a rehash of The Honeymooners, but with more dinosaurs and less wife beating related humor. The ultimate fat guy nod definitely goes to Jackie Gleason.

    The Coxinator:
    Rosanne is much like a fat guy herself. Except , she’s designed not to put down male viewers, but to make them feel better about their respective wives. As in, “I hate my wife, but at least she’s not Rosanne.”

  • Mike
    Comment from: Mike
    04/01/10 @ 07:28:53 pm

    Nice post, Wolfie (I read your blog often enough now that I feel comfortable giving you a pet name) on a very true phenomenon. I think you forgot to mention, though, an important part of this chemistry: namely, the utter stupidity/numskullery/doofusitude of the male characters in these shows. Their disturbing yet hilarious lack of intelligence often sets up a lot of the jokes and plots, and conversely, when the woman has her own rare moment of absentmindedness, it’s a chance for the man to rub it in her face – and more comedy ensues. Credit to my wife for pointing this out every time I watch “King of Queens".

  • Kev
    Comment from: Kev
    04/02/10 @ 12:01:11 am

    I am a fat guy, married to a hot chick.

    And I gotta say, King of Queens? The wife in that show is SMOKIN’!

  • soft nonsense
    Comment from: soft nonsense
    04/02/10 @ 02:56:03 pm

    Have there been many that have come out super recently? I remember 8 Simple Rules used to be like that before John Ritter died…

    And ditto to Kev.

  • D
    Comment from: D
    04/02/10 @ 09:27:50 pm

    I am a pretty hot chick, and I find myself attracted to the Douglas Heffernan type. I think it is realistic, but what about the fat chicks, they never have the hot husband. Rosanne had Dan.

  • Nitin S.
    Comment from: Nitin S.
    04/11/10 @ 12:27:27 am

    While you make accurate observations about tv fat guys and their hot wives, I completely disagree with yout conclusions.

    I don’t think there is a massive, sinister conspiracy going on. There is a trend that that guy’s are unattractive, while their women are hot.

    But if a person is making personal decisions based on what they are seeing on TV, then that’s foolish, and its their own fault. Such people who have self-esteem issues need family and friends around them to help get through difficult phases.

    I’m sure most tv audiences are mature and intelligent enough, like yourself, to know that this TV is not completely accurate when it comes to real life.

  • bmorekid
    Comment from: bmorekid
    04/23/10 @ 06:57:08 pm

    I think someones mad cause they got there gf stolen by a fat guy. Seriously you looking deeper into the subject matter how is a fat guy with a hot girl degrading? it’s not. I’m not a fat guy so it isn’t something that offend me. But what does bother me is that this article makes no sence it seems as if your just taking a shot at over weight men for a personal reason so it only leads me to believe something has happend to you that was brought by a fat guy, so you feel that need to take it out on anyone that is overweight. It’s the same as someone getting there gf stolen by a black or hispanic man and then they go on hating blacks and hispanis for the rest of there life for no reason. What pisses me off about this is that your stating “the underdogs” will never get laid or what not I am infact a underdog many people never believed in me. But I’ve gotten along just fine in the end the underdog does win. I don’t know where you have been but it’s not just movies or tv it’s real life. Theres to much proof to deny it, I’ve seen it hundreds of times. thats all I have to say

  • Bryce
    Comment from: Bryce
    08/23/10 @ 08:22:34 am

    The guy who wrote this article is just pissed cause his mom probably got divorced and started gettin porked by a fatass.
    This doesn’t even make any sense. It’s not keeping women down, it’s just TV jackass.

  • Rodrigo
    Comment from: Rodrigo
    08/25/10 @ 01:03:41 pm

    This is pretty crazy. You’re saying that TV is trying to tell women that they can’t marry someone attractive so they should settle for a fat guy?

    I disagree, I think there are two messages here.

    A) Girl, you should marry a man who treats you well, even if he is not as attractive as you

    B) Dude, if you’re smart, caring and funny you can get a girl, even if you’re not hot.

    both of these seem like good messages to me, perhaps the only problematic bit is the underlying “this is my sitcom, and I’ll cast whatever hottie I want to play my wife.”

  • James
    Comment from: James
    08/25/10 @ 02:19:50 pm

    I think bmorekid and Bryce can’t distinguish between investigative journalism and a comedy piece. They’re the Fox News of blog commenters.

  • Ryan Hayle
    Comment from: Ryan Hayle
    09/09/10 @ 11:56:04 am

    This was a brilliant post, very well-put! It is absolutely true, but the “conspiracy” isn’t one directly perpetrated by the TV networks, it’s by all men, in the form of the ratings they give to shows. The networks will do whatever makes money. It’s the men in this country that are the real problem. (And many of the women as well, unfortunately.) As a fat guy myself, I get disgusted every time I see these shows glorifying these fat, disgusting, idiot men who should learn to get off their lazy asses and reach a healthy body weight. Especially the actors, who can easily afford a personal trainer and personal chef. For them it would be simple. But no, these shows are designed to resonate with the lower-classes, people who can’t afford to eat healthy or join a gym and who don’t have a mentality of being healthy and getting exercise in their culture. It’s just another symptom of everything that is wrong with the United States.

  • Dask
    Comment from: Dask
    10/15/10 @ 10:35:20 am

    This was a great post! I really enjoyed it. I have read a different slant on your take, however. The man in the show, usually the father, is shown to be a loser in both appearance, and skill. The hot wife then allows the women viewer at home to “identify” herself with THAT character. Hence, a winner.

  • Orangebeard
    Comment from: Orangebeard
    01/04/12 @ 07:52:18 pm

    The producers of movies and tv shows are not likely involved in social engineering. Their simple goal is to turn their financial investment into profit by influencing the choices the show/movie creators have to make. I’m not saying fat guy + skinny wife is how it should be. I’m just saying it’s just a safe bet on an already proven formula. Perhaps these shows are all just re-hashes of The Honeymooners.

  • Steve
    Comment from: Steve
    01/29/12 @ 06:37:41 pm

    OK, whoever wrote this has a serious bug lodged in the wrong place. I completely disagree with the “subjugation of woman” comment as it relates to these sitcoms. In virtually all the shows cited, the skinny hot wife is usually put in an empowering position. They usually are holding down the more professional/white collar job versus the blue collar work the “fat” husband has. While the husband is usually the one scheming, getting into trouble, and acting like a buffoon, the wife is portrayed as the smart level headed person who either won’t fall for the husband’s high-jinx, or is there to clean up the mess. Whenever there’s an episode about the wife going out of town, it’s usually focused on how the man can’t or doesn’t know how to take care of himself, the kids, and/or the home.

    If anything these shows are subjugating men. Telling us we don’t know how to be adults, take care of ourselves, or our families. That without a woman in our lives we would be lost. Funny how these were the same socially acceptable propagandas that the feminist movement were championing against not too long ago.

    Why the plump hubbies? Because their funny!!! These are guys who were comedians and could act, so they got the parts. Just like the husbands in “Everyone Loves Raymond", ‘Yes Dear!", “Mad About You", “Up All Night", “Growing Pains", etc. etc. Those guys aren’t fat but all were subjected to the same kinds of submissive male roles as the fat guys.

    Why the hot wives? Because if you want the audience for your Rom-Com relationship/parenting sitcom to include men, then you need to give them some eye candy. It’s a business decision plain and simple.

    How about woman walk away from these shows trying to be a little less shallow? You may still be fighting for equal pay for equal work (which has improved drastically over the years) but for the most part you’ve won the gender wars. Now that you’re in a position of more leverage-able power, show us how wrong we were for objectifying women as mere arm candy or trophies. Acknowledge you can find a good partner in life in someone that maybe doesn’t have rock hard abs but can make you laugh, that can be romantic from time to time, that can be a good father, and that isn’t intimidated by your success being greater than that of his own.

  • Miles
    Comment from: Miles
    02/01/12 @ 12:12:21 pm

    You probably married for looks and so did he. Now a decade or so later hes not a 32 waist anymore cause men fill in and your sagging with stretch marks and lines on your face you paint with makeup. Now your forced to endure the 4000 sq ft new house and luxury suv he put you in. I am sure once the ecomomy picks up your type will be back at the divorce lawyers office nobody hates a recession more than divorce lawyers. In your late 40s you may realize high school is over and you were spoiled by the same man you say subjugated you.

  • jessie
    Comment from: jessie
    05/25/13 @ 10:11:33 am

    I have a thing for fat guys and seeing women who are able to be with a bigger man without being outcasted because of it is comforting. However I will say it would be nice if these bigger men were less whiney, immature, lazy and borderline sexist.

  • Gary
    Comment from: Gary
    06/16/13 @ 07:10:07 pm

    I love my husband having big bulges on his stomach but not too much belly on the side. I find it cute and really look like a family man.

  • Mycomment
    Comment from: Mycomment
    12/09/13 @ 09:21:00 pm

    I googled this because I saw John Candy’s Uncle Buck and was thinking, why the hell is this skinny attractive woman into him… oh yea, because men wrote and produced this movie. Gross. We need to see some fat women with skinny attractive men. Men would protest in the streets if that became the norm on television.

  • Amanuel
    Comment from: Amanuel
    05/28/15 @ 03:00:59 am

    I disagree, I looked into these shows and i think its the opposite, i feel like these shows were designed by women to gradually oppress men.
    Tv has shown men to be the unhealthy, stubborn and egotistical ones in the relationship while women are the beautiful, smart and more logical ones. You may say this is just a tried and tested comedic formula that has worked in plays for centuries by pointing out the funny flaws that people can relate to, but i believe in an evil conspiracy against men.
    You may even say that these shows are just trying to tell men to abandon these flaws and be more caring and understanding but i disagree, what these shows tell us is that women will always be better than men and that we are all stereotypical assholes.
    So in the 1950s a bunch of men with no discernible connections took the time to stage an underground meeting simply to help get laid? “What do we do guys? Use our fame, money and power to get hot women? No, idiot! Lets hatch a harebrained tv show that may end up getting women to be subservient”
    I believe that to be completely stupid, on the other hand i think its possible hillary clinton, the olsen sisters, aunt jemima and Mrs potato head got together and thought “what’s the dumbest way to make men feel inferior? Show them theyre just dumb brutes that should just listen to women". Hence, the flintstones was made giving birth to the deluge of sexist shows on air