Wolf Gnards Does San Diego

Convention Center

Most of you have probably moved on to your next con, but sadly I'm still recovering from San Diego. Will these scars ever heal, I'd like to think so. Much like everyone else, I began my Comic-Con journey with a fuzzy, hastily snapped photo of the convention center. This is every newcomers' first shot of Comic-Con, this is when we're still filled with wonder and awe. Before the onslaught. Before the horrors... the horrors... the horrors. Before the lines, the endless lines. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast, Comic-Con was awesome, but an entirely overwhelming experience. In a lot of ways, Comic-Con is like the iPhone: highly anticipated by geeks but ultimately unsatisfying. But as disappointing as it was, I did get to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Back to the lines. The lines at Comic-Con are crazy, you have to stand in lines to stand in lines. If someone even mistakenly thinks you're standing in a line, they will start standing next to you in the hopes of seeing something cool. I like Seth Green, I don't need to stand in line 5 hours to see Seth Green. I can just use my imagination: short, red hair, probably talking about Star Wars action figures... done. Don't need to see him. This is how people get stabbed in the eye. The secret is to wait in panels you want nothing to do with in the hopes of having a seat when someone good comes in. You leave Hall H at your own risk.

Can you Help Wolfie Find His Way?

But I did get to see Scott Pilgrim.

Optimus Prime Welcomes you to Comic-Con

Charlie Day

I'm not really much one for taking pictures of people in costumes or celebrities even. I know they sort of want you to take their picture or else why would they dress up? (Especially the sort of hot girls who used to be less hot, but now like to flaunt their new semi-hottness in a skimpy cosplay outfits). Still I don't really like taking pictures of people because I don't want people to mistake me for Short Round and take pictures of me, but I just couldn't resits this snapshot of Zangief.

Charlie Day

Bite My Shiny Plushy Ass

Wolf Gnards' New Mascot

Charlie Day

Let me tell you of the Woo Girls. I had the great fortune of being trapped in a room with the Woo Girls waiting for another panel. The Woo Girls are a group of uptight middle-aged women (Woo Women might be more appropriate) who release all their sexual tension by reading teenage books about vampires. Mostly by going, “Wooooooooo!” So, in slide show about new teen books anytime a vampire novel popped up (which was a lot) a wave of Wooooooo's rolled forth. Even Dick & Jane & Vampire's got a woo. Did I mention I got to see Scott Pilgrim?

It was at this point they asked me to please walk away from Mr. Day.

Who you Gonna Call? Probably No One at Comic-Con... 3G not so Good.

I can't say I'm excited about Tron: Legacy. The charm of the original Tron is that it's crappy, and you can't really recreate something that's really only accidentally good. It's kind of like the new Monster Squad remake, we only like it now because it was on TV a lot, and it was only on TV a lot because it was readily available, and it was only readily available because it was bad (good movies cost networks money to run).

All and all it was pretty fun, and I make away with some pretty decent swag... and I got to see Scott Pilgrim.

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