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Let There be Pop Culture Statues

So, you’ve probably seen it already, but a Kickstarter did it: they made a Robocop statue for Detroit. Not New Detroit, not movie Detroit, but real Detroit. On one hand, I love this. On the other hand, this is unbelievably stupid. But I guess these a… more »

Back to BTTF: The Secret Plot of Doc Brown

My last post covered the ever multiplying Martys in the Back to the Future flicks, and as long and rambling as that post was, I still have yet more to say. Much more. This time I’d like to talk about another sort of temporal anomaly in the third film.… more »

Back to Back to the Future: A Tale of Two Martys

Most of you know of my Bill Murray fetish (sadomurrochism), but you may not know about my Back to the Future obsession. I spend way too much time thinking way too much about Back to the Future paradoxes and working on my BTTF fan fiction (about the… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Boldly Sitting As No Man Has Sat Before

I have to applaud this study of William Riker sitting. The Riker Maneuver[video:youtube:lVIGhYMwRgs]I watched a lot of episodes of TNG and I never noticed this, and now I can't not notice it. I think I was always more obsessed with Riker's be… more »