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Monstergate 2014: The God of Zilla or Something

Much has been said about the state of the Godzilla film franchise already. Mostly good, but some surprisingly bad. There’s a long list of ticky-tack complaints ranging from how sexy Godzilla looked, the convenient and coincidental plot points (i.e. a sol… more »

Busting the Bank: My Issues with Ecto-1a and Ghostbusters II’s Logo

Nothing can compare to the unadulterated joy of seeing the Ecto-1 real life. It’s as close to being a Ghostbuster as most of us will ever know. And there’s also nothing like the defeat of realizing that it’s the Ecto-1a.I realize I should be happy… more »

Craptain America: How Much Does Captain America Poop?

Superhero anatomies are a weird and wonderful thing. Like how come Spider-Man’s web spinners aren’t in his ass? Or why does Power Girl have a boob hole? And while much has already been said about Captain America’s build (i.e. his chest that is nearly… more »

The Problem with Figure Skating

With another Olympics behind us, much has been made of the decline in US figure skating. Everything from lack of competition, racism, and/or a change in the scoring system has been mentioned. To which I only have to say that a pipe to the knee never he… more »

Professor X is a Dick

I come from a world where Professor Charles Xavier is considered a “good guy.” Yes, he amassed a personal army with a jet and enough firepower to blow up Wisconsin. But he had a good reason… he… um… had a tiff with his best friend. So, there was that… more »

A Study in Batman: Or I Like Ben Affleck

Or I Like Ben AffleckLook I like to hate things as much as the next guy, my little nerd heart grows three sizes with rage. I like to sit on my pop culture porch and scream at the kids to get off my lawn. But I need my rage to be actually connected to… more »
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