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Craptain America: How Much Does Captain America Poop?

Superhero anatomies are a weird and wonderful thing. Like how come Spider-Man’s web spinners aren’t in his ass? Or why does Power Girl have a boob hole? And while much has already been said about Captain America’s build (i.e. his chest that is nearly… more »

Where’s the Beef and other Unanswered Meat Questions

Is the only question man has left really “Where’s the Beef?” Where, indeed. Is the beef over here, is it over there? Is the beef in a house, is the beef with a mouse? Is the beef in Texas? Has the beef been inside the human spirit this whole time?… more »

Santa Got Framed by a Grandpa

As a kid, one of my all time favorite Christmas carols was, of course, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (hat and a little diddy about Batmen smelling). I think fewer songs really manage to combine the festive spirit with bloody murder. And that’s rig… more »

Cyber Madness: Is Cap'n A Captain?

When I challenged Cap'n Crunches captainhood he sent me this video, which does not answer a damn thing.[video:youtube:iqMFV-QbxSE]Eyebrows neither prove nor disprove anything.Speaking of captains: Nyan Cap![video:youtube:E2fY-IsfZbQ]Speakin… more »

Monster Nards: To Kick or Not to Kick?

What are the common werewolf weaknesses? You have your silvers (in bullet, bashing, or stabbing forms), mercury (it looks kind of like silver), wolfsbane (it has wolf in the name!). And, of course, the age old kick to the nards. Wolfmen have nards, it… more »

I Answer How-To Questions… Poorly

I was watching the commercial for the Google Nexus 7; the one with the kid trying to give an oral presentation then some girl gives him bedroom eyes (which is kind of creepy because they’re like 12):[video:youtube:mH9QEz0TF1s]So, the message of this… more »
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