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The Latest C2E2 Review Ever!

As always I am late with my C2E2 post… a lot late. Late to the point of not posting this. Although, technically I’m super early for C2E2 2015! So, it’s my postview preview of future C2E2! So, why no posts? I’m still recovering actually do to a comb… more »

The Law of Diminishing Jean-Claude Van Dammes

Simple math would say that combining Jean-Claude Van Damme with a Jean-Claude Van Damme yields two Van Dammes, but not so says the Law of Diminishing Van Dammes. The law states that as you increase the number of Van Dammes, the tolerance of Van Dammes d… more »

The Problem with Figure Skating

With another Olympics behind us, much has been made of the decline in US figure skating. Everything from lack of competition, racism, and/or a change in the scoring system has been mentioned. To which I only have to say that a pipe to the knee never he… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Chief O'Brien Hates his Job more than Me

City Cyclops proves it ain't easy being Miles O'Brien.Also, this is exactly what I imagine when I imagine Tasha Yar in a thong.Although, if I could make three changes to my job I would: Be in a room by myself Take all my responsibility… more »

Badsense: How Google Adsense Banned Me

Now the story of a website who lost it’s commission and the one writer who had no choice but to keep it all together. It's Arrested Adsense.Some of you may know this pitiful tale of woe, but let me catch you up if you don’t or give you the fuller st… more »

Five Years of Wolf Gnards: The Murriversary

Five years ago, I had a dream. A dream of made up charts and obscure pop culture references. This is that dream. I’ve had a lot of fun though and even a little success. I got my work out there, mainlined into pop culture consciousness, and I’ve manag… more »
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