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In response to: Why is Darth Vader in Jedi Heaven?

aoatech [Visitor] ·
because he love heaven
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In response to: The Irony of the Ironic: Hipsters Don't Understand Irony

Trisped [Visitor]
Your definition for irony is incomplete. I find this ironic, because the rest of your article uses the more complete definition. I expect you did this to help the "hipster" crowd since the actual definition is a bit complicated and the point is that they are WAY off.

The Alanis Morissette song is actually not that far off, it just requires knowledge that the average teen (and now 20 something) does not have. The clearest is the line "It's a free ride when you've already paid." You have already paid, and are probably already on the train, and you win a free ride. this meets the definition "a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result" from
You already paid, how can the ride be free?
Rain on your wedding day has two common contexts. 1) if you are having an outside wedding, you book the venue 6-18 months in advance and pick the day least likely to rain. If it then rains on that day, it is deliberately contrary, and there for ironic. 2) In the moves, it always rains when it is sad, so it is sad on your happy day, so also ironic.
The black fly in your Chardonnay probably also has a context, but I do not drink and I do not know anyone old enough and classy enough to know the context.

Admittedly, all of these are week examples of irony, but it is a song (so not a lot of space for explanation or setup), and the examples are relatable to the majority of the perspective audience. I also like the fact that the song has something for everyone, even the people like me who are looking for something intelligent (or witty) in the lyrics. Of course, if there was a movie where all of this happened to a person, then the irony would be better setup and more obvious, preventing this whole problem.

Of course this whole post fall under the "Oh noos, someone is wrong on the interweb" category, but at least I can sleep at night knowing that there is a small chance that I will someday meet someone who actually understands irony.

Last note, you know what is ironic to me? They are called hipsters, from the word hip, yet they try to do things which are not hip, but because there are so many of them doing the same thing, it is now hip. So their name is ironic to me. Also, they are an oxymoron (doing something makes it so they cannot do it). :)
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In response to: The Clock in San Dimas is Always Running

rmsgrey [Visitor]
Easiest explanation for the San Dimas time thing is that we only have Rufus' word for it, and, let's face it, if you let those two slackers know that they could spend 6 months goofing off and then still make their history report, they'd spend the next twenty or so subjective years goofing off and never actually get around to that report after all...

In other words, San Dimas Time was a clever lie by Rufus to get Bill and Ted to actually do something...
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In response to: Back to Back to the Future: A Tale of Two Martys

kinh doanh online [Visitor] ·
Interesting. This is a great way of illustrating the usefulness of the "many worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics for resolving time-travel paradoxes. Each time a decision is made, a set of new worlds is crated. Time travel then involves not only going back in time, but shuttling between the different universes. - See more at:
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In response to: Cyberspace Madness: Super Mario Bros. 2: The Movie: The Comic

Sam [Visitor] ·
Awesome! so nice.
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sagar89 [Visitor]
Super mario! Love it.
My sites:
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In response to: Best Fictional Martial Arts Techniques

Tayv [Visitor]
Re: the Crane Kick

Different sites on the web say yes and no, and some attribute invention of the move to different people who worked on The Karate Kid. But...

Look at movie "Shaolin Martial Arts" from 1974, now available on Netflix. Just past the 1:21 mark, you will see the old master practicing, and in the middle of his set, he does the Crane Kick, arms extended and all. The only difference is that he doesn't land on the same foot he jumps from, which is practically impossible. But as soon as I saw it, I recognized it. So it was not invented for The Karate Kid, it was done long before. Whether it's a real move or not is a different issue.
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In response to: Greek Tragedy: The True Paternity of the Girls on Full House

Bridget [Visitor]
I agree Joey is the father of the 5 kids and no one can convince me otherwise! I see his facial features in DJ the most and Stephanie and Michelle a little bit. Nicky and Alex look like him too and in one episode one of the twins said, "I ate dirt!". Joey admitted to having pica that made him eat dirt once. The twin must have inherited this pica from Joey his bio dad. As for DJ, the letters DJ stand for Donna Jo and she is named after her bio dad Joey a little bit!
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In response to: Val Kilmer is Everyone

I love you, Val Kilmer's historical hat.
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Albert Fedorek [Visitor]
Im grateful for the article.Much thanks again.
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In response to: The great debate: Gnards or Nards

Dave Schwartz [Visitor]
Gnards came from gonads. Here in LA. Surfer slang
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In response to: Best Fictional Martial Arts Techniques

Beth [Visitor]
The Wuxi Finger Hold.
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In response to: How the Computer Virus Worked in Independence Day

John [Visitor]
I used to extensively read about computer viruses. I even took apart a few. Here's what makes it laughable on so many fronts:

#1 You need a software development tool that can specifically target the platform you desire. Where do you buy/download such software that supports alien spacecraft? All computer viruses are programs made by programmers.

#2 Documentation on their hardware, software and operating systems. You need to research networking, file systems, OS internals and how to become resident.

#3 Perfect bug free virus development in 1hr. Yeah right, especially for unfamiliar hardware/software. No debugging needed at all. Remember again, a virus is just another program.
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In response to: Cameron Frye's Day Off

RM [Visitor]
I don't think Ferris is a "figment" but I do believe the story is mainly about Cameron because he, unlike Ferris, undergoes a major transformation. Ferris is a "decoy protagonist."

Writers often create foils where a character representing their Fantasy Self (Ferris) befriends their Actual Self (Cameron) and conflict ensues. Maybe this was Hughes' subconscious at the time.
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In response to: Badsense: How Google Adsense Banned Me

Bright Verge [Visitor] ·
Thanks for this, but can you please tell me how to check that Google is blocking website from indexing.
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In response to: The Truth About Fat Men and Hot Wives in Sitcoms

Amanuel [Visitor]
I disagree, I looked into these shows and i think its the opposite, i feel like these shows were designed by women to gradually oppress men.
Tv has shown men to be the unhealthy, stubborn and egotistical ones in the relationship while women are the beautiful, smart and more logical ones. You may say this is just a tried and tested comedic formula that has worked in plays for centuries by pointing out the funny flaws that people can relate to, but i believe in an evil conspiracy against men.
You may even say that these shows are just trying to tell men to abandon these flaws and be more caring and understanding but i disagree, what these shows tell us is that women will always be better than men and that we are all stereotypical assholes.
So in the 1950s a bunch of men with no discernible connections took the time to stage an underground meeting simply to help get laid? "What do we do guys? Use our fame, money and power to get hot women? No, idiot! Lets hatch a harebrained tv show that may end up getting women to be subservient"
I believe that to be completely stupid, on the other hand i think its possible hillary clinton, the olsen sisters, aunt jemima and Mrs potato head got together and thought "what's the dumbest way to make men feel inferior? Show them theyre just dumb brutes that should just listen to women". Hence, the flintstones was made giving birth to the deluge of sexist shows on air
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In response to: The Irony of the Ironic: Hipsters Don't Understand Irony

LAGoff [Visitor]
I'd like it if anyone can CONCRETELY (I'm not that bright) explain what 'hip and ironic' means.

I started a discussion here:
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In response to: What Do Pokémon Eat?

Night [Visitor]
*they still do, I mean. the element was still present in new pokemon.
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In response to: What Do Pokémon Eat?

Night [Visitor]
"I mean they fight, all they do is fight—but there is no predator/prey relationship."

but there is! for example sneasel eat the eggs of other pokemon, heatmor eat durant almost exclusively, etc
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In response to: How Rich is Scrooge McDuck?

Tranq [Visitor]
And there's only $42T in the world. He would literally owns over half of the world's currency.
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