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In response to: How Rich is Scrooge McDuck?

graniet tafelblad [Visitor] ·
I enjoyed your entries on Toxic Words - such great thoughts and a wonderful reminder to watch the words I use - to be positive and kind and use words to build up rather than tear down. :)
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darthsonic2 [Visitor] ·
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In response to: Do Wolfmen Got Nards?

ASHTON [Visitor]
And their gnards are covered in a fairly thick layer of fur.
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In response to: Do Wolfmen Got Nards?

ASHTON [Visitor]
And their gnards are covered in a fairly thick layer of fur.
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In response to: Do Wolfmen Got Nards?

ashton [Visitor]
Also wolves tails cover testicles most of the time.
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In response to: Do Wolfmen Got Nards?

ashton [Visitor]
Wolves testicles are small and barley visible except during the mating season, which is likely what the sketch was modeled after. so they would be hard to target,
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keukenwerkblad [Visitor] ·
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keukenblad graniet [Visitor] ·
Thank you for every other wonderful article. The place else may anybody get that type of info in such an ideal manner of writing?
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In response to: The Irony of the Ironic: Hipsters Don't Understand Irony

Awo [Visitor]
Your essay begs the question. You also misuse the phrase "begs the question" in said essay which discusses your fellow hipsters purported misuse of a word. Oh, if only your hypocrisy were irony as opposed to being entirely unintentional yet expected.
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In response to: What Do Pokémon Eat?

David [Visitor]
ps Don't eat Bulbasaur because it is Poisenous
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In response to: What Do Pokémon Eat?

David [Visitor]
Their are evidence that both people eat pokemon and non-pokemon animals are in the pokeworld. So thay eat both pokemeat and non-pokemeat
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In response to: Back to BTTF: The Secret Plot of Doc Brown

monica [Visitor]
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In response to: The Karma Cycle

Serviced Apartments Resident [Visitor] ·
Haha, I love the beer suggestion! My boyfriend cycles a lot and I can imagine weaning him off the saddle with the promise of beer!
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In response to: NBA Rule #1: No Dogs Allowed

I fuck your mom [Visitor]
Go fuck your self, you gay cocksucker.
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In response to: The Irony of the Ironic: Hipsters Don't Understand Irony

Matt Aleshire [Visitor]
I love it that the person whose name is "gramnaz" thinks that "someone" is two words.
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In response to: Harold Ramis Responds to the Wolf Gnards

Andrew [Visitor]
It's a totem POLE. People didn't, like, call totems at home and ask them to answer a series of questions about current events.
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In response to: Cameron Frye's Day Off

MarkD [Visitor]
Cameron stayed home all day, and the events ‘round Chicago that day were part of his fantasy – no fancy lunch at Chez Luis, no ducking anybody outside, no taking part in a parade, etc. I don’t think John Hughes ever intended any such thing; although the theory has its own internal consistency, it’s just an entertaining way to re-watch a movie you’ve already seen 58 times, like watching “Wizard of Oz” while listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”

The “Cameron’s Imagination” theory would explain the more fantastical elements of the movie, such as a whole major city rallying behind one sick boy (Cameron wishes that were true!), how everything goes impossibly Ferris’s way, and the whole parade scene. Still other things in the movie give the attentive viewer goosebumps when seen from a Ferris-is-Cameron’s-imaginary-friend perspective. Cameron’s tirade in the car before leaving his house (“He’ll keep calling me… he’ll keep calling me... he’ll make me feel guilty.”) now appears to be Cameron raging about the “Ferris” voice in his head; he then starts punching the car seat to quiet the voice. Also these exchanges…

Ferris: …you can find yourself a new best friend.
Cameron: Ha! You’ve been saying that since the sixth grade. [Has an imaginary Ferris been “speaking” to Cameron for that long? Wow! Cameron really needs a psychiatrist!]

Ferris: I made you take the car out.
Cameron: I could’ve said no. It is possible to say no to the great Ferris Bueller, you know. [Ferris looks surprised and skeptical about this. Until now, Cameron couldn’t say no to the “Ferris” in his head, and “Ferris” could always make Cameron do things. This final scene is Cameron reasserting himself; he is now ready to face the real world and face his father – the psychological reason he needed a “Ferris” in the first place – without relying on the illusory “Ferris.” A short time earlier, Cameron says he was just thinking about things – how he puts up with everything, and needs to make a stand – while in that “catatonic” state. That could’ve represented the psychological process of reasserting himself and de-emphasizing the need for “Ferris” and illusions.]

Again, I don’t think Hughes intended any of this. But it’s entertaining to watch the movie again with the Theory in mind, just for fun, just to see what you can find which supports it.
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In response to: The Irony of the Ironic: Hipsters Don't Understand Irony

Somerset Wedding Gal [Visitor] ·
New definition of hipster needed: 'Those who don't understand irony'
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In response to: The Physics of the Crane Kick

Rob [Visitor] ·
An excellent assessment.
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In response to: How the Computer Virus Worked in Independence Day

Noe Valladolid [Visitor]
A virus written for Windows would be unable to infect an Apple II or a TRS-80. Why would you expect a virus written for a PC to work on an alien computer?

Even if it could, how could Geoff Goldberg's character know how to disable their shields? Does anyone really think the aliens would publish the specs to their ships? Provide an API?
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