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The Problem with Figure Skating

With another Olympics behind us, much has been made of the decline in US figure skating. Everything from lack of competition, racism, and/or a change in the scoring system has been mentioned. To which I only have to say that a pipe to the knee never he… more »

A Study in Batman: Or I Like Ben Affleck

Or I Like Ben AffleckLook I like to hate things as much as the next guy, my little nerd heart grows three sizes with rage. I like to sit on my pop culture porch and scream at the kids to get off my lawn. But I need my rage to be actually connected to… more »

Knifetic Mysticism: The Philosophy of Crocodile Dundee

There are really only been two significant actors to ever come out of Australia; those, of course, being Yahoo Serious and Paul Hogan. Let me think a second (check IMDB and Wikipedia) and see if I missed anyone else worth talking about… nope, that’s it.… more »

The Muppets: How Mickey Mouse Drank your Milkshake

Regardless of everything (this article included), the Muppets were the Muppets. A fun Muppet movie was promised and a fun Muppet movie was delivered. There was some minor hubbub by Frank Oz about this movie not being true to the Muppets. But I felt it… more »

Sewer Cinema: Manholes in Movie Posters

I’ve come to notice several movie posters with characters popping out of sewers in that hey-look-at-me-I’m-in-the-sewer-so-I-must-be-funny sort of way. Sometimes this makes sense as with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They live in the sewers hence p… more »

Honoring Hollywood's Douche Grin

I'm still a little upset that Corey Haim was snubbed at the Academy Awards. It just stings that they could over look perhaps the greatest Corey of our time. I've always been a vehement Haim supporter. I believe the downfall of the Coreys can be tracke… more »
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