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Where’s the Beef and other Unanswered Meat Questions

Is the only question man has left really “Where’s the Beef?” Where, indeed. Is the beef over here, is it over there? Is the beef in a house, is the beef with a mouse? Is the beef in Texas? Has the beef been inside the human spirit this whole time?… more »

Cyber Madness: Is Cap'n A Captain?

When I challenged Cap'n Crunches captainhood he sent me this video, which does not answer a damn thing.[video:youtube:iqMFV-QbxSE]Eyebrows neither prove nor disprove anything.Speaking of captains: Nyan Cap![video:youtube:E2fY-IsfZbQ]Speakin… more »

My Dinner with Predator: How a Predator Eats

I was thinking about the Predator’s mouth (as I often do on cold, lonely nights), and I noticed a slight problem. Not its nightmare vagina appearance, well sort of, it’s not the fact that it looks like a nightmare vagina but because it really doesn’t w… more »

What Do Pokémon Eat?

Or Soylent Green is Pokémon In the modern Pokémon world there is no food chain, I mean they fight, all they do is fight, but there is no predator/prey relationship. There are no carnivores or herbivores or omnivores. So, how do they survive? Instea… more »

The Naked Vegetarian

Why are vegetarians almost constantly naked? Almost every PETA advertisement features some semi-nude celebrity in a highfalutin veggie related double entendre. Somewhere along the line their message went from savings animals to vegans are sex crazed.… more »

Battle of the Futurama Wedding Cakes

After being posted on Buzzfeed... this Futurama Wedding Cake has been making the rounds. All of the internet there are various oohs and awes, but I say save you're ooh, save your aahs.In my best Paul Hogan: That's not a Futurama wedding cake, that's… more »