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Under the Goon: Was Sloth Made or Born?

I think often of Sloth Fratelli and wonder what happened? What happened the first night he stayed with Chunk’s family for instance: did he murder everyone right away or wait until the morning? It’s your roommate is a third Menendez brother, but it’s ok… more »

Hawaiian Shirts in Film

There's only one way to explain just how fun, carefree, and cool a character is: a Hawaiian shirt. Sunglasses, of course, portray cool pretty well, but if a movie really wants to let the audience know that this guy likes to party (or par-tay) they go Ha… more »

Pig Dance & Goonies Sequel

Speaking of Goonies... The Truffle Shuffle![youtube]t5whaRkuipU[/youtube]It wasn't until recently that I realized what Truffle Shuffle meant. A truffle being a rare mushroom traditionally found through special truffle hunting pigs. And shuffle, of… more »

Wolf Gnards Salutes Jonathan Ke Quan

Perhaps, I've talked too much ab out Asians that make me sad. The time has come to honor the greatest Asian actor of ours or any generation. An actor so great, he accomplished everything that could ever be accomplished in just two movies. Wolf Gnards… more »