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The Last Hiro Meter!

All bad things must come to an end and this is our final Hiro Meter. And I do mean final because chances are Heroes ain't coming back. So, how much did Masi Oka shame the Asian race in 4th season finale? Not too much actually. Hiro is a Zero… more »

Hiro: The Scrappy Doo of Heroes

Another no show for Hiro, and since it's the second week in a row, that's an automatic negative two. Pat Morita was on Happy Days more than Masi Oka has been on Heroes. I guess the only alternative to work him on the show would be to pop his head up an… more »

Hero No More

No Hiro, no rating. But is anyone else bugged by the spatial relation problems? They're all over the map in minutes. Hopefully next week Hiro will return to his usually horrible antics. It's getting actually pretty painful to finish this thing… more »

Heroes Dreams of Being a Good Show Again

Heroes makes the promise of Hiro goodness and let again let's me down. Overall a negative one on the Asian scale. 1. Too much Claire... - 1. All the promos promised a very special episode with Hiro's coma, and once again the show has dissolved down… more »

Hiro and B.D. Wong

Absolutely nothing happened in the last episode of Heroes. The Hiro Meter fell asleep through most of it actually. Hiro ran around a looney bin, said some gibberish, and got his speech back, but none of it was particularly important or interesting. An… more »

Heroes: Why Do I Come Back?

Heroes returns, as does the trusty Hiro Meter. Every time I activate the Hiro Meter though, I always say, "this is the last time." Heroes (the show) has gotten kind of boring, and Hiro (the man) is just a lesson in futility. He will never be anything… more »
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