Young James Taylor

04/19/09 21:33

From the cover of JT. It looks like JT has become ug-ly. A lot of people will say he’s still better looking than yours truly, but I always looked this bad. How many regrets does James Taylor have?


Young Brian Posehn

04/19/09 21:33

From handsome to ugly. No wonder he’s got so much nerd rage!


Tegan & Sara Art

04/08/09 20:49

This drawing makes them look like indie wood nymphs.

Tegan and Sara are most likely hard at work writing songs about finding the joys of ol’ J.D. Musashi. You know they say Asian men are the last stop before full blown lesbian.

Imagine being the meat in Wozniak/Kong sandwich… delicious.



03/29/09 11:46

If given a choice between being with the real life Serinda Swan (the actress who portrayed Zatanna or a cartoon image, I honestly think I’d pick the cartoon. Mmmmmm… Zatanna.



03/25/09 19:17

A variety of nerdy dice… geeks can roll all night long.

The literary world simply hasn’t come around to the beauty of the fuckfest.

Another fine rejection letter.

Check out the Anthropology and Neuroscience majors… I think they’re up to some kinky shenanigans. I’m thinking swing sets and blumpkins.


Darth Vader Phone

03/16/09 18:23

I need to get my flesh burned off, so I can live my life under a helmet phone.


A Sith Wedding

03/12/09 22:44

Beware those soulless eyes! (this goes for both of them)

By J. Douglas Musashi • Albums: Celebrities • Link:

If Ginger Ale wasn’t ginger enough here comes Jean-Claude Ginger Ale. It’s so good you’ll be doing the splits!

Notice that it’s for pregnant women… awesome.

A lot of girls were freaked out by the head shaving scene in V for Vendetta, but Portman pulled off the look. Not too many girls can pull off a hair cut that short.

Yes, she’s got legs, but does she know how to use them? It would appear so.

This looks like one of the promos for If this was so there would be a million nerds trying to crack the Portman algorithm. Just check off Indie Douche and Weird Facial Hair.

Is he dead, alive, or Billy Corgan?

Donkey Lips was a scholar, a lover, and a friend: he will be missed.

If it’s on the internet, it must be true.

In 1994, facing a court martial, Jerry Supiran faked his own death to emerge a short time later as Billy Corgan. He also joined the A-Team.

He puts the goon in Big White Goon.