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  1. § Barry Email said on :
    I'm horrible and didn't see it this weekend but will this week. Yes, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a reason to watch any film. In fact, she's the sole reason I've sat through Final Destination 3 more than once. Yeah...sure that was it.
  2. § N'jaila Rhee Email said on :
    I saw the movie...and it was too much Cera. I wasn't too crazy about the source material either but this watered down version of it trades characterization for lackluster laughs.

    I'm not into girls, so I guess I had no reason to pay 11 bucks for this movie. It was kinda cute for hipster filth but not 11 bucks worth of cute.
  3. § Kirsty Email said on :
    Scott Pilgrim is BRILLIANT... no matter what the reviews say.. bloody funny :)
  4. § Raquel Email said on :
    scott pilgrim vs. the world was a beautiful movie that managed to encapture the wonders of girls on rollerskates, not-so sucky garage bands, asian school girls, vegan super-powers, and lots of hair dye. and i mentioned ramona twice because she was freakin hot in that movie. =)
  5. § Chaim said on :
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  6. § chancadora Email said on :
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  7. § natalie Email said on :
    Scott Pilgrim had it's good parts, but the casting for Scott and Ramona were WAY off. The rest of the casting was great, but Cera doesn't have even close to the right energy, and as hot as Winstead is she's just a very different Ramona--a combination of the way the script was written and her acting just totally flattened her out. Also, WHAT THE FUCK I LOVE KIM PINE.

    One more thing: Michael Cera appeals to the kind of girls that like awkward guys. Not "willing to settle."

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