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  1. § Bryan said on :
    You've got a minor contradiction (or at least it appears). Your supposition is that being a geek is to be sexually undesirable, which is why pretty girls can't truly be geeks because they're attractive to a lot of people, and can't truly be outcasts. That said, your "myth that all fanboys are virgin losers" has to, in fact, be true for the same reason.

    That said, I'm a married man, so...well...yeah.

    Of course, if the rules for the sexes are different (and, well, they are), then perhaps you're right.

    Just pointing out a potential chink in the armor :-)
  2. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Prettiness isn't a prerequisite for procreation (I felt like Stan Lee with that sentence). Uglies bump uglies with uglies creating little uglies. This is the ugly circle of life.

    And I too am married to a beautiful and somewhat geeky woman, so there are exceptions.
  3. § Bryan Email said on :
    I was just making the comment that if pretty girls can't be geeks (simply by virtue of being attractive), then all geeks have to be unattractive. Doesn't necessarily make the "fanboys are virgin losers" 100% true, but it definitely doesn't exactly dispell the myth, either.
  4. § Prenerk Email said on :
    What about the 'ugly duckling' geeks? Is the experience of being an outcast for all the typical reasons negated by growing out of that phase? I'm dating a girl who has 10x my geek cred (and believe me, she's very geeky) who is also pretty, but she definitely went through a social pariah phase.
  5. § Kev Email said on :
    Interesting commentary. My wife is hot, and she's a geek. She plays Guild Wars obsessively, as well as DDO and LOTRo and a few others she's dabbled in. She writes about MMOs for a living. And she's a browncoat and a Monty Python fan. Even though she's hot (and was in high school), she was pretty much a loaner in high school.
    Also: she really enjoyed this video (especially the Browncoats shoutout). I don't think it's necessary for these girls to be geeks to be doing the video - I think you're correct: they're more eye-candy for us guys.
    I'm just disappointed they didn't use Felicia Day in the video at all. She's definitely a hot geek girl.
  6. § Syrin Email said on :
    I second the ugly duckling thing. I grew up with oversized glasses and braces. Add to that how shy I was and no boy looked at me and the only girls who talked to me were other social pariahs. How I look now doesn't invalidate any of that. I know guys who went through similar situations, so really it applies to both sexes.. attractiveness has nothing to do with geek status.

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