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  1. § Barry Email said on :
    What's funny is that I saw The Rentals when they reunited a few years ago and enjoyed that one show more than the sum of every Weezer album since Make Believe. I did not bother listening to Hurley after a few minutes. I tuned out and moved on.

    I totally agree that the last few albums could make one incredible album as there are some really awesome pop songs lumped into the filler. It's like they gave up and no one will tell Rivers to stop. With that said, I am guilty of enjoying Can't Stop Partying off of Raditude. I know it's not a good song but it amuses from time to time.
  2. § Bryan Email said on :
    Honestly, I think of most of Weezer's albums the way I think about Raditude: not profound in any way, but I find myself absently humming or singing the lyrics to almost half the songs on the album at any time.

    Now The Blue Album...that I literally have used as a landmark in my life. I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard it for the first time. Every Weezer album since then...not so much. That said, Weezer will still be one of my favorite bands.
  3. § weezer vs fountains of wayne said on :
    Weezer has certainly lost a, I suppose. Their songs aren't as crisp or fresh anymore. I guess that happens when you reach a certain level of fame. You lose that creative edge that you had when you were a cult band. You lose that freedom.

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