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  1. § Ty of Male Enhancer Email said on :
    The 50 first date is a good movie to watch as it was a romantic comedy film.
  2. § Machman Email said on :
    "One thing that I think makes a comedy a comedy is that we prefer not to think about the repercussions of certain actions, whereas with dramas all we are left with are the repercussions." Interesting observation. I just saw "Just Go With It" last night with my wife and I was commenting on how I hate it in romcom's where there is a love interest that it really just there as an obstacle to the protagonist getting together with their "true love" and how these "obstacles" are many times just conveniently written off near the end of, or at the end of the film with no thought to their hurt feelings or the ramifications of them losing the one that they were with. They often just quickly find someone else to love in a very "tacked on" way. Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail come to mind as other examples of this. Now, if you take a move like the Wedding Singer, where the "obstacle love interest" is a total jerk, then it tidies things up nicely since no one cares that they are getting their heart broken.
  3. § Chris Clark Email said on :
    Ha! I've thought about this dozens of times.

    In addition to rape and abduction Dean Proffitt is also guilty of forced labor, or at least deceiving her into work without compensation.

    He actually refers to Joanna as a "slave" to the melody of Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (a questionable reference in and of itself).

    It always disturbed me how quickly the situation was resolved. There was no legal ramifications. What about the hospital that discharged her? Is a careless Ray Combs still the head of security at the mental ward?

  4. § buggerallthis Email said on :
    Another excellent post! While I love Overboard, I've always been unsettled by the whole kidnapping/Stockholm Syndrome aspect of it. Another dubious movie rape that always bugged me is the Revenge of the Nerds Darth Vader sex on the moon scene (it was okay because the sex was so good the cheerleader started dating the nerd afterwards).
  5. § DC Hats Email said on :
    A bicyclist columnist for the NY times was excoriated for daring to question the validity of "salmoning,"
  6. § Jennifer Email said on :
    Yup, Overboard is one fucked-up movie.

    With regard to 50 First Dates, I mostly agree, except that they do establish in that scene towards the end after they broke up and Lucy moved into the home that on some level, she does remember him (enough to paint him a lot for months), even if she can't consciously do so every day. So unconsciously, she does have a sense that this guy is trustworthy, sweet, etc. from day to day that is probably leading her towards a first night of nookie every night.

    Though I'm with you: they should NOT have had a kid. Even beyond the nightmare of pregnancy coming on, how screwed up is a kid going to be when Mommy can't remember you from day to day your entire life?
  7. § Baraka Email said on :
    In a similar vein, I recently for some unknown reason watched the movie Old Dogs. There is a scene in which the rambunctious children switch around the pharmaceuticals that Travolta and Williams characters are prescribed. The adults then drive the children to a golf course, but when they step out of the car they are too intoxicated to see or think straight. To your point, if that was a drama about two senior men who get high on pills and drive their recently discovered children about town, it would be an entirely different film
  8. § plauku laminavimas Email said on :
    I like Goldie Hawn.
  9. § male enhancement reviews Email said on :
    I love both Russell and Hawn and I never thought they've been together in a remarkable movie. I also love the 50 first dates movie..Drew barrymore and Adam Sandler is really funny.
  10. § male enhancement Email said on :
    Wow, 50 first dates is a nice movie for me and one of the memorable ones! Nice one you got there!

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