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The Last Starfighter and Other Videogame Careers

The Last Starfighter is best know for, besides dazzling special effects (they’re timeless, I tell ya! Timeless!), for giving gamers hope, for giving gamers a reason to keep on gaming. You weren’t wasting your time at an arcade, you were training for th… more »

They Did it Better and other Cyrberspace Madness!

I'm regrouping and getting some new Wolf Gnards together (I know everyone's on pins and needles), but until then here are some people who are better than me. I'm fully willing to admit when someone's better, most if not all people are unusually better t… more »

Terminator: Operation Shady Acres

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in the news lately, what with his divorce and his illegitimate spawnenegger love child, but it all started with the hint of a possible Terminator 5. Maybe, Terminator 5 was all part of an elaborate smoke screen: Don’t look… more »