Cyberspace Madness: Moonrise Kingdom Cosplay & D&D Wenches

Sam Suzy

These are Moonrise Kingdom finger puppets given to me for my birthday by friend Abbey (Hint… go to her Etsy store, it’s etstacular!). Of course, the reason this was given to me is not because I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan (which I am) or because I particularly liked the movie (which I did), but because I vaguely look like the kid in the film. Ok… I look a lot like the kid, to the point to where anyone who saw Moonrise Kingdom and knew who I was became very distracted by my younger self’s presence in the film.

Point of Proof:
Here’s a picture of me (I’m the one who’s not Val Kilmer)
Here’s a picture of the Moonrise Kingdom kid, aka Jared Gilman

Fun Facts

  • Gilman is from New Jersey
  • I am also from New Jersey
  • Gilman was born in 1998
  • I was in New Jersey in 1997

I’m not saying I’m his father, but… wait a second, I am saying I AM NOT HIS FATHER.

In other Moonrise Kingdom news, lots of indie couples wanted to express their indie love by dressing up Sam & Suzy for Halloween. So much so that what should have been a semi-obscure film reference became completely unoriginal. And even though I look so much like Sam (even though I am most definitely not his father - which I pronounce in a legally binding statement), I chose to dress up this year as Dr. Who and Mrs. Gnards was the TARDIS; equally unoriginal, but much more suitable.

In other nerd news:

Nerd PokerBrian Posehn put out a Nerd Poker podcast. Which is basically just an hour of him and his friends playing D&D, I actually liken D&D more to Fantasy Football, but I get what he’s saying. It’s just a fun game that has equal or greater value than other game that society deems more worthy.

It’s a fun podcast (albeit a long podcast), but it really brought me back to my pre-teen years before sex got in the way of having fun. This doesn’t mean I stopped playing D&D because I was trying to be cool (in order to have sex). Me not playing D&D had zero bearings on my odds of having sex. What I mean is that hormones just got in the way of a good game of D&D. It all become about having X number of wenches, and my character has 10 wenches and your character only has 7 wenches, and then, of course, at some point our characters began to fight over fictional wenches. And when you’re fighting over fictional wenches, it’s time to count your chips up, and push away from the table.

  • Bethaney
    Comment from: Bethaney
    01/03/13 @ 11:40:56 am

    Those puppets are cute! I loved that movie! And yes, you do look just like him; I'd like to see a side-by-side avec glasses.

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