A Review of Gnards 2012 so Very Long After 2013 Began

So, where has Wolf Gnards been, you ask? Just what has ol’ Wolfie been up to? It certainly hasn’t been writing articles. Well, I’ve watched every episode of Dr. Who, read through several D&D manuals, obsessed over Jeremy Lin stats (he’s like a taller, more athletic, more coordinator, smarter, more flattopped, more Asian version of me… which makes him almost entirely not like me), chugged through Game of Thrones (Favorite quote: These thrones have been gamed!), and dicked around YouTube. Namely the same as most of you, which is nothing much. But I’ve been doing a damn fine job of nothing.

I couldn’t even be roused to do my annual Groundhog Day post. So, here’s a picture of Bill Murray as a werewolf instead. Just because.

But before I go about making promises of regular updates (which I most likely will not be keeping… but keep clicking back everyday just in case!), let’s take a look at 2012 in our completely untimely 2012 year in review!

Follow up:

Best of the Worst of 2012

10. I Toured Where They Shot the Movie Groundhog Day - The year started promising enough when I was guest of honor in Woodstock, IL (and when I say guest of honor I mean that I was there and nobody stopped me).
9. I Smirked at C2E2 - About the only thing that caught on in 2012 was my goofy smirk, and I milked the hell out of it. I got another press pass for C2E2 2013, but will I smirk or sneer or simper this year? The world is on pins and needles.
8. Sentinels Doing Other Things Besides Hunting Mutants - This was an idea I had about how much a waste of taxpayers’ dollars hunting mutants would be. It was better in my head than how it turned out.
7. Monsters Who Eat Candy - Spreading terror burns a lot of calories.
6. Val Kilmer is Everyone - Val Kilmer can play any part, and I honestly can’t imagine any role that wouldn’t be made better with Val Kilmer. Plus I already had my picture taken with him ($50 that pic cost!), so I might as well have written an article about him.
5. Something About Ethnic Kids in Cartoons or Something - I don’t remember my point of this one, but I do remember it was not well liked, but not as unliked as my last article about race in cartoons… effing Doug Funnie.
4. Predator Eating a Hotdog - A series of dick jokes that I put way too much work into. Not a good pay off, but okay if you like dick jokes.
3. Superman’s shirts, what’s up with them? - I can’t believe this article got so much more traffic than Woodstock, IL, or Val Kilmer.
2. De-Slothing Sloth from the Goonies - Another idea that was way better in my head than what it actually ended up as.
1. An Article about Bill Murray being Slimed (or not Slimed as the case may be) - As always I turned back to my bread and butter: William Ezekiel Murray. I was actually quoted in The Guardian recently, which makes me officially an international expert in Murralogy.

All of which brings me to this conclusion: write more articles about Bill Murray and less articles about not Bill Murray. If 2012 was mediocre, 2013 will be Murrayocre (See off to a good start already).

  • Hullabaloo
    Comment from: Hullabaloo
    03/13/13 @ 08:50:22 am

    Better late than never. More Wolf Gnards! More, we say!

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