What’s the Why with Dr. Who Cosplay

or Knee Socks are Cool

I love cosplay girls or, at least, I love the idea of cosplay girls. Who are they? Where do they come from? And, most important of all, why do they come from? As in why? Why do they do things that they do do (doo doo)? And in particular I love Whovian cosplay girls. I don’t understand them, but dammit I respect them. And, maybe, I wouldn’t say respect either, but I have good-humored bewilderment for them. It’s their unending ability to turn anything sexy, and it’s that ability that makes me believe there’s something primal about the Dr. Who girls. Dr. Who cosplay is an exercise in scifisexification (to turn things sexy which shall not be sexy).

Dr. Who certainly wasn’t the first example of this, it may not even be the best example, but it’s quintessential. The sharp increase in sexy female versions of the 11th Doctor alone is fascinating. But don’t take my word for it, enjoy:

Sexy Doctor

Follow up:


Sexy Dalek

Sexy Ood

Sexy Cybermen

Sexy Slitheen

Slitheen ladies

It’s interesting that you so rarely see Dr. Who fangirls dress up as a companion, which seems on the surface a more natural selection. You mostly see people dressed up as the Doctor, the TARDIS, or a Dalek. And when you think about it the companions are little more than interchangeable cogs, to be used and replaced with fresher, younger, more camera-ready future companions (few and far between at the BBC). And who wants to be the bridesmaid when you can be the bride? The bride, in this case, being a blue box. Unlike the companions, the TARDIS and the Daleks are equals to the Doctor. Dressing up as the TARDIS, however, seems weird to me, it’s like a Back to the Future fan dressing up as a DeLorean. Although, it may be less weird if you imagine that instead of dating the lovely Jennifer, Marty was going to throw a couple of sleeping bags in the back of his truck and take the DeLorean on a romantic camping trip. No, that’s much weirder.

I know this isn’t just a Who phenomenon. Of course, you see sexy Boba Fetts and what have you, but slave Leias will out number them by 100 to one, no matter the genre or character you’re bound to see a sexy version of it if you’re willing to dig long enough. However, the ones who are innately sexy are the most typical sexy costumes you’ll find. The obvious is usually the rule—the slave Leias, the Supergirls, the Lara Crofts—whereas the sexy TARDIS is probably the most prevalent of the sexy somethings in Dr. who. A TARDIS isn’t already a character who wears in bikini or a miniskirt, it’s not even a character! You’ve got to work to make a blue box sexy.

And I think there’s a formula in here someplace, something like:

The Doctor = Dalek < dalek * Boobs

Or anything is better with boobs.

Also, as I said earlier, something to note is the number of gender bending Doctor cosplay has risen in conjunction to the popularity of Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor. As the age of the doctor has lowered and his sexual ambiguity has risen, the number of girls up as the Doctor has also increased. He’s like the Hipster boyfriend with Asperger’s you’ve always wanted!

Tracking Female Doctor Who Cosplay

Alternative Theory of TARDISes (TARDI?)

  1. Somewhat geeky girl dates very geeky but awkwardly presentable boy.
  2. Awkward presentable boy dresses as Doctor because he already looks like the Doctor (That’s why I exclusively dress as Short Round and Mrs. Gnards as Sexy Indiana).
  3. Somewhat geeky girl makes matching costume.
  4. TARDIS is the best matchy-matchy Salt & Pepper shaker type couples costume option in the Whoinverse.

Alternative Alternative Theory

  1. Super geeky girl finds boy who already looks like Doctor.
  2. Makes Boy watch boy Dr. Who.
  3. Dresses Boy up like Doctor to increase the Doctor-like looks he already has.
  4. But super geeky girl is shy and hides in box.

Alternative Alternative Alternative Theory

  1. Why bother thinking when I can just enjoy all those Doctors in inexplicably short short-shorts.
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