C2E2 Day 2: Behold the Cute Face!

To counteract the terror and awkwardness of Day 1's O-Face, I unleashed my cute face. This is my boy model face, and would work great if I was either A) a young boy or B) a model.

Weeping Angels
Even Weeping Angels shrink away at the might of my cute face!
Big Daddy
Drills cannot stop this face! (You can't see it but Big Daddy's drill was really spinning)

Follow up:

Awesome Bowser Print by The Little Friends of Printmaking
What a team up: your move, creeps.
The Felt is strong with this one.
Side note: I really wanted to do the cute face with Spawn, but Deadpool here spent, at least, 10 minutes hamming it up and setting up this picture. He had lots of bits, but no pic for me.
For some reason, Threadless brought a Fridge!?
Maybe, the most original costume at C2E2 2013.
I'm not a huge Psylocke fan, but she did provide one of my favorite moments of the day when seconds before I took this a guy walked behind her and snuck a picture of her butt.

And TV's Patton Oswalt! (This is as close as he would get to my cute face)

Patton Oswalt's Q & A was fun, but could be boiled down to variations of two basic questions.

Question 1: Hi, I'm a stand up comic just starting out... shout out to Second City/Improv Olympics/ComedySportz/Improv Kitchen/Annoyance Theater/LOL Theatre... and what I want to know is, how can I be famous?

Question 2: What are your real thoughts about Star Wars?

All and all, it was rough day. Rougher than past C2E2's; not even my cute face could save it or Brian Posehn's almost unlimited supply of Patton Oswalt short jokes. The problem was getting anywhere or seeing anything. This was exactly what I hated about my one trip to San Diego. It was just one log jam after another. I had to drop a friend's camera off to her and it took me a half hour to walk from one end of main auditorium to the other.

The problem?

A combination of people drinking, people with strollers, and people drinking with strollers. I don't remember beer being on the floor before. Don't get me wrong, I'm no teetotaler, I fully realize booze makes anything more fun, however, it doesn't make walking from point A to point B easier, and it makes walking behind people having trouble walking from point A to point B just as difficult. Also, why so many strollers? And why so many strollers with purses in the strollers instead of babies?

Basically, everyone should just clear space for ME.

To be concluded...

Day 1

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