C2E2 Day 3: The Smirk Knight Returns

Not much happened Day 3 for me at C2E2, I spent a third of it standing in line for R.L. Stine. I mostly hunted down T-shirts and squeezed down aisles that were a little less squeezable on Saturday. It's basically my victory lap, and for that I smirk.

R.L. Stine had a pretty good team managing his autograph line. No one passed.
After waiting an hour for my Goosebumps signature, I was very excited as you can see. Also, Mr. Stine had no interest in my thoughts on werewolf reproduction.
Green Ranger
Also, from the R.L. Stine line I was forced to watch Jason David Frank "The Green Ranger" prance up and down his line, giving out high fives, and putting on impromptu ka-ra-te lessons. It was hard to understand the excitement, I mean, the man has three first names. THREE FIRST NAMES!
This TARDIS was definitely not bigger on the inside. If anything it was smaller on the inside.
Awesome robot art from Red Rocket Farm
I am the Smirk!
My favorite dance: Do the Urkel. My favortie cereal: Urkel-O's. My favorite cross-dresser: Mrs. Doubtfire. My second favorite cross-dresser: Myrtle Urkel
Zombie Run
Big Inflatable Zombie at Zombie Run. At first, I thought this was a supposed to be a gigantic country western singer, which is equally terrifying.
Silent Hill
I'm 98% sure this was the same Batgirl from the DC Nation promos on Cartoon Network, and I was surprisingly starstruck. Also, is it sad I can spot a girl from a 5 second clip running on during Saturday morning cartoons or is it awesome?

Closing thoughts:

All Bane cosplayers stayed in character all day. They ate lunch as Bane, they went to the bathroom as Bane. It's okay Bane, you don't have to keep it up for my sake. I know you're not the real Bane. You don't have to hold your vest all day.

There's way too many Deadpools. I remember the first time I saw someone dressed as Deadpool, I was like, "Hell, yes. That's awesome." There was a time period when Deadpool needed to be recognized and acknowledged as being awesome. That time has passed. Now it's like, "Not another one of these douchebags." Every Con needs a 3 Deadpool limit.

Fionna, the female version of Finn from Adventure Time, is the new hot girl outfit. I'm not sure how I feel about that. A sexy Dr. Who I can work with, but this just seems wrong to me. It's the female version of a 14-year-old boy, who's still a 14-year-old girl after all. No matter how you slice it, it's creepy.

  • Harley Quinn
    Comment from: Harley Quinn
    04/30/13 @ 07:02:08 pm

    Yes that is the Batgirl from the DC nation promo :) how do I know? Cause its me XD

  • Wolfie G. Nards
    Comment from: Wolfie G. Nards
    05/01/13 @ 09:23:21 am

    Thanks so much for contacting me! You should be the official Batgirl of the DC universe.

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