Cyberspace Madness: Boldly Sitting As No Man Has Sat Before

I have to applaud this study of William Riker sitting.

The Riker Maneuver

I watched a lot of episodes of TNG and I never noticed this, and now I can't not notice it. I think I was always more obsessed with Riker's beard, maybe, that's what he wanted though. Focus on his beard, miss what's happening below. It's such a powerful Riker move though, too. Of course, that's the way he sits, it's the only way he knows how. It's not just hopping over the chair back (they are not big on back support in the future), there's a lean in component, too, where Riker is really entering into some uncharted personal space (I was going to say, "crossing the neutral zone," but I thought that be too much [but the I did!]).

Is this how everyone sits in the future? Is this cool in the future? Or is he like Rodge from What's Happening!! (Google it, kids)? Is this a learned behavior or was he born like this? Well, it's a good thing for us that William Riker has a duplicate, Thomas Riker. Someone pull the footage and see how Thomas sits, I can't do everything, folks.


The Monster Squad (Modernized)

Not too much to say actually, just a regular Monster Squad trailer with Inception-like BOOONGS edited in. But if you like Monster Squad (which I do) and if you like BOOONGS (which I do), you may like this. BOOONGS don't make everything better, but they don't hurt either.

I actually think if they really did do an honest, modern take on this today (as in what if they were really editing the trailer now), either it would be more like Scary Movie 16, heavy on Wolfman fart jokes and the Creature shouting, "DAAAAMN!" or like a Rob Schneider movie, "Sean Crenshaw was just your average teenage boy until one day..."

We live in a golden age.

  • Chris
    Comment from: Chris
    05/09/13 @ 09:13:22 am

    If I recall correctly, Patrick Stewart once mentioned that the upper portion of the uniform was poorly fitted, which is why he's seen tugging on it so very often. Perhaps Frakes adopted this particular sitting style (let's call it the Riker Maneuver) in an attempt to reduce his need to adjust the sloppy costume work.

    That, or he likes flashing his crotch at everyone every time he sits down.

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