Cyberspace Madness: Super Mario Bros. 2: The Movie: The Comic

Super Mario Bros. 2: The Movie: The Comic (I guess that's a thing)

Super Mario Bros. 2: The Movie: The Comic
As seen on Buzzfeed courtesy of these beautiful bastards

I don't know if this is a story that anyone ever needed to be finished. Especially considering that anyone who remembers there being a Super Mario Bros. Movies has a fuzzy relocation of it at best (and that's mostly to recall that their names were Mario Mario and Luigi Mario). It is a skill though if they can pull this off; to create something meaning out of something terrible (was that a haiku... no). And I must say, I am digging the art style.

Speaking of creating something great out of something that was crap, how about using crap to recreate something that was great...

Homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Is it just me or is their fake April much hotter than Judith Hoag (Even as a kid, I always distrusted Judith and her lack of yellow jumpsuit and big cartoon boobs)?

The Birds of Prey Singing about Aquaman's Short Comings

They're not they first to mention Aquaman and his strange fish parts.

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