Indiana Jones was a Hipster

Indiana Jones was punching out Nazis before it was cool (and it was always cool to punch out Nazis). But really was Indiana Jones the first hipster or were the first hipsters simply trying to be Indiana Jones. What’s indier than Indy? Nothing really. Some feel hipsters have appropriated nerd culture, but they’ve probably taken more from Indiana Jones than anyone else. And can you blame them? Indiana Jones IS cool. So, if you’re actively trying to be cool, you’re essentially trying to be Indiana Jones. Cool is to Harrison Ford as melty face is to the Ark of the Covenant (this may appear on the SATs).

Fact: 70% of males between the ages of 20 - 35 are now archeologists (Source: made up stats in my head). Though, I’m positive the actual number of archeology majors has gone up until you have to write your first 10-page paper on cracked pots, which is, of course, followed by an equally sharp rise in switched majors (I suggest Paleontology just in case you're also a Jurassic Park fan). Do you know how much school work goes into dodging boulders? Do you know how many books you have to read to run across rope bridges? A lot. So, if we can’t be Indiana Jones, at least, we can dress like him.


Indy Hats
Who hasn't practiced doing a tumble roll through a closing door and snatching up your hat at the last second? Only me! Really!?

Fake Glasses

Indy Glasses
Ever notice that Indy only wears his glasses when he’s trying to act smart? He seems to see just fine when running through dark temples.

Skinny Ties

Indy Ties
“Which one of you is Short Round?”

Bonus: Vests

Non-Indy Vests
Close enough.

The only thing he’s lacking is spectacular facial hair. However, considering how close Tom Selleck was to being cast in the role, I think Indiana Jones’s mere proximity to The Ultimate Mustache has to count for something.

No matter what your feelings are on hipsters, don’t take them out on Dr. Henry Jones Jr. We all can’t be a globetrotting adventurer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t aspire to be. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be Harrison Ford—it's human nature—the only thing that’s wrong is denying you want to be Harrison Ford. Embrace your inner Indiana.

And, at least, I didn’t call Indiana Jones a pedophile.

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