Cyberspace Madness: How Far Rocky Ran in Rocky II


A brilliant article by Dan McQuade tracks how far Rocky ran in his running montage in Rocky II. I don't want to give it away, but it's an insane distance, go read it yourself.

On thing to note, while Rocky's running accomplishments should never be overlooked because, as we all know, the Rocky films are about a series of marathon and running competitions, the greater accomplishment are those kids. When the kids started running with Rocky, they end up running 11.96 miles! That's almost a half marathon. I can't run a marathon now, let alone when I was 10. And if someone asked me if I wanted to spend my Saturday running a half marathon, I would say, "No." And if they added "How about if you run with a punch drunk palooka?" I would say, "Hell... no. Where's my Nintendo?"

Lastly, if we apply the same formula to the beach run in Rocky III, we'll see that Rocky and Apollo frolicked in the waves for 6.3 miles, making that the longest man-on-man beach frolic in history.

In other news...

You can buy a replica AT-ST for $15000. Also, check out the rest of his yard... wealthy, hoarder, fanboys are the best!

Follow up:

The Life and Times of Bill Murray (infographic)

An actual new post soon.

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