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Best of the Mediocre: My Top Articles of 2013

Remember when I said I was going to kick 2013 in the nards? Well, I didn’t. I grazed the nards, at best. It’s sad to both try to kick a year in the nards, and to fail miserably. Yet here we are…This is the 2013 Nards in Review, AKA the Top Gnardic… more »

Santa Got Framed by a Grandpa

As a kid, one of my all time favorite Christmas carols was, of course, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (hat and a little diddy about Batmen smelling). I think fewer songs really manage to combine the festive spirit with bloody murder. And that’s rig… more »

P0p Culture Bubble P0rn

I don’t understand bubble p0rn or Mormon p0rn. Actual porn is readily available in every corner drugstore; in fact, the vast majority of the Internet is composed of p0rn. It’s like the Beverly Hillbillies but instead of the Clampett’s swampland it’s th… more »