Natalie Portman, "Please Publish His Stories!"

I had a fortune cookie today that said, "You will receive what you always wanted." Now I realize that fortune cookies are not exactly known for their accuracy, but a little hope does swell up in you when you read something like that. The thing, of course, that I've always wanted (besides Natalie Portman) is to be published. Not published by my school. Not published by a friend. Not published by my mom, but real honest to god they-pay-me-money-or-at-least-an-issue publication.

As close as I've gotten, as friendly as the rejections have been, I've never been terribly close to getting really published. Again... that doesn't count school, I was a god in school, which shows how much college is worth. I was very eager when I was a young baby faced lad, but that eagerness has waned somewhat as I've become a bitter baby-faced man. I haven't really sent out too much in the last couple of years but I recently got back into the swing of it, and for some reason I'm hopeful.

Since I've been out of it so long, my publication records are little out of date. I like to keep an accurate spreadsheet publications, what they're looking for, and what they pay. Fortunately, I ran across a website that does all the work for me. Duotrope Digest has a full database of writing resources, you just type in what you're looking for and spits out a bunch of options. Check it out if you're looking for a place to publish.

I do feel good about the stories I've sent out, but it really doesn't mean much. Of course, if I don't get published Natalie Portman better watch out.

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