Where There’s Trouble There’s a Werewolf

On the Controversy Surrounding the Werewolf Guide to LifeOne thing about Milwaukee I never could stomach… all the damn werewolves. The news is reporting two young women were arrested and accused of luring a teenage boy to their apartment for fun and… more »

Baby Talk: The Perils of Generation Wah!

Nothing marks summer like the running of the interns. I get to boss young kids around, watch my crusty old co-workers try to flirt with fresh-faced 20 somethings, and I get to see into the mind of the allusive college girl. Good times. But what I’ve f… more »

J. Crew's French Impressionist Agenda

A lot of hubbub has been made of this J. Crew ad that has a kid with pink nail polish on his toes. The argument is being made that J. Crew is pushing the boundaries of gender identity, and some have gone as far to say that J. Crew is somehow promoting t… more »

Let the Nerd Battles Begin!

Two nerds enter, one nerd survives. Fact Pile puts up the ultimate pop culture head to heads. These Comic Book Battles pit some of our favorite characters against each other like Heroes vs. X-men. This would be a pretty even fight considering Heroes w… more »

The Clock in San Dimas is Always Running

Let us go on a journey... a journey of the bogus. It seems to me that as well remembered as Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey is equally reviled. A man of a certain age and a certain time, a “Dude” for lack of a be… more »

Battle of the Futurama Wedding Cakes

After being posted on Buzzfeed... this Futurama Wedding Cake has been making the rounds. All of the internet there are various oohs and awes, but I say save you're ooh, save your aahs.In my best Paul Hogan: That's not a Futurama wedding cake, that's… more »