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Wolf - n - Predatory canine mammal (genus Canis) that prefers to live and hunt in packs, some resemblance to related canines such as dogs. Often featured on t-shirts and sweaters on both men or women who have not been laid.

Gnards - n - Slang for human or inhuman testicles, either of two oval shaped sex glands suspended in the scrotum and secrete spermatozoa. Also, found on monsters and other male supernatural beings. Can be spelled "Nards" (incorrectly).

Wolfman's Got Nards [sic] - quote - Popular line from 80's comedy/horror film, The Monster Squad. The film featured re-imagined versions of Universal's classic movie monster, complete with re-imagined wolfman gnards.

If you enjoy any of these things, you are in the right place, my friend. You are in the right place. And if you respect the difference between "Nards" and "Gnards," then you're really in the right place. Wolf Gnards is about nerding pop culture: as in asking the questions that your inner dork always wanted to ask... then making a graph about it. You're not truly nerding pop culture unless its suitable for a PowerPoint presentation.

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