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Cyberspace Madness: The Church of Gadget

And on the eighth day there was Gadget. And Gadget said unto thy 'Go forth my Rangers and Rescue... verily.' Apparently, there's a Russian cult based on the wonders of Rescue Rangers' Gadget Hackwrench. From various pictures posted on English Russia,… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Lost Kittens

27b/6 is probably one of the funniest blogs I've ever come across. Which begs the question, why are you still here when you could be there? I could not stop laughing at his lost kitten posters.I'm jealous of his 27b/6's charts, but as always Dee De… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Sam Rockwell is not for the Faint of Heart

[video:youtube:Gvj8ZEnNrQY]I hurt myself trying to dance like Sam Rockwell. A common injury among film nerds everywhere. If you have no formal dance training do not jump right into the Rockwell. Start with the Carlton and see where that goes. If yo… more »

Cyberspace Madness: I'm So Excited!

Probably one of the top 10 Saved by the Bell charts in existence right there behind the Rod Belding to stewardess to whitewater rafting pie chart (A Building with two Beldings one of whom is Balding). Two things missing from the Jessie Spano Caffeine Ch… more »

Bender Computer Case and other Cyberspace Madness

Check out the Futurama Bender Computer Case on Tenezo. This Bender can't drink, or smoke, but he can play DVD's through his teeth, and that's not bad. Plus, how many people can say they own a genuine Bending Unit?In other news...Speaking of Jur… more »
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