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Cyberspace Madness: The Fake Criterions

I just discovered the Fake Criterion collection, and some of these fake DVD are borderlined genius.One of my favorites is the Weekend at Bernies. I mean what… more »

How I Explained the Green Hornet to my Wife

After seeing a commercial for the new Green Hornet movie, I explain who the Green Hornet is to my wife:Mrs. Gnards: Ugh, are you going to want to see that? What does he do? What are his powers? Does he get bit by a radioactive hornet? Gamma rays?… more »

I'm Losing My Mind: 10 Great Disembodied Heads

A nice disembodied head represent all that mankind hopes to aspire to. This is life everlasting. For a head. A giant head harkens back to birth as in an oversized baby's head—big and full of life—but simultaneously it represents all that can be known… more »

Captain America vs Human Torch

With the concept art for Captain America now running rampant on the internet, I was wondering if anyone else had any issues with Chris Evans putting on the red, white, and blue? I don't really have a problem with Chris Evans in and of himself, he has a… more »

Rene Belloq vs Indiana Jones

The Real Hero of Raiders I'd like to take a moment to mention perhaps the greatest movie archeologist/adventure of all time... Rene Belloq. You might be more familiar with Normandy Belloq, no, nothing? From Normandy Belloq and the Liberators of the… more »

Poor Execution Leads to Armageddon

Ridiculous problems deserve equally if not more ridiculous solutions. If an asteroid is barreling toward the Earth, the only sane answer is to send untrained deep sea oil drillers into space to blow it apart (and not to blow it into smithereens but into… more »
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