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Wolf Gnards is Pro Corey Haim

The sudden death of actor, Corey Haim, has a lot people keep asking me to do a Haim tribute, but I’ve already written about Corey Haim. And quite frankly I don’t have that much to say on the topic of Corey Haim. But I will say I am pro Haim.In the… more »

Wes Anderson's Spider-Man

[video:youtube:H5KfHEoZDKI]Great parody by Jeff Loveness and Prussian Sunset. I love Wes Anderson and I love Spider-Man, so I would have no problem if this movie actually existed. I'm a Sam Raimi fan, but the project has to move on, and Sony and M… more »

Bruce Willis is the Best

I don't remember who first made this observation, it was probably Nietzsche or Noam Chomsky, but it holds true either way, “Bruce Willis is the Best.” Not that he's the best human being or the best actor, but that he continually plays the best and he pl… more »

Five Ways to Switch Souls

If films of the 1980's have taught us anything it's that there are several different methods to swap bodies with some one. Also, don't feed gremlins after midnight, and it's completely possible to build a woman with a computer, but the biggest thing is… more »

The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

Is it just me or is The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Star Fox's Fox McCloud the same person? Identical cousins, at least.Mr. Fox is from new Wes Anderson movie based on the book by Roald Dahl. Fox McCloud is from the Star Fox game series that (along w… more »

My Top 8 Movie Robots

Like all boys, I kept a hidden stash of robot specs, ninja scrolls, and jet pack plans underneath my bed. Playboys, of course, came later, but before that there was just glorious robots. An innocent time of robot wars. My particular favorite were mech… more »
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