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The Six Sexiest Aliens

It seems because of Neytiri's other worldly beauty in Avatar a certain exophilia has swept the nation. Exophilia being an attraction to strange, extraterrestrial, but essentially non-human lifeforms. The more bizarre the better. While, exophilia mainl… more »

The Amazon Kindle's Annie Little

Who is the Kindle Girl and Why do we Love her? Nerds like books. Nerds like cute girls who would never like nerds. All making the Amazon Kindle campaign a win/win situation for nerds and unrequited cute girls everywhere. The girl we've all fallen… more »

What is Bus Hot?

Or the Tale of Amber Lamps Who is Amber Lamps? Amber Lamps is the vaguely cute, pseudo hipster girl in the background of the Epic Beard Man video. Or more precisely, Amber Lamps is the girl my co-worker is crazy about. Every day he comes in more… more »

Geek Test - Is Spock Sexy?

Vlogger Philip Defranco came up with a nice geek test...If this picture does anything to your nether regions, if it twitches or moves, tingles, or pumps blood in any way then you just might be a geek. Sexy Spock was found on FreePicturesforYo… more »

Danica McKellar: What's the Square Root of Hot?

If possibly loosing your virginity to Fred Savage is a factor in being a geek girl we love, I would be remissed not to include Danica McKellar on the list. Like Kevin Arnold, we all feel in love with Danica the first time we saw her in go-go boots.… more »

Steam Punk: The New Lord of the Rings

It takes a very particular breed of hot girl to be into Cosplay and Live Action Role Playing. The phenomenon really grew from Lord of the Rings. Of course, there has always been the stray hot girl at conventions, the occasional gold bikini Leia or Seve… more »
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