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Cameron Frye's Day Off

Insights into the The Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory more »

Top 5 Cartoon Theme Songs

My top 5 cartoon theme songs. Duck Tales? ThunderCats? Where do your favorite cartoon shows rank? more »

Separated at Birth: Wozniak and Donkey Kong

Steve Wozniak was booted off of Dancing with the Stars, and can finally leave behind the fast paced world of competitive dancing to return to his carefree life of a nerdionaire (nerd billionaire). Don't feel bad for Woz though. America no longer has to… more »

Thunder Cats: The Movie?

This is probably the best fan made movie trailer I've ever seen... [youtube]fb50GMmY5nk[/youtube] How does anyone have this sort of time on their hands? I barely have enough energy to wake up in the morning. Most of these fan made movies usually invo… more »

Jerry Supiran: Dead, Corgan, Taco Bell

Dead, Corgan, or Taco Bell—sounds like the worst variation of Fuck, Marry, or Kill ever, but are the possible fates of Jerry Supiran. Supiran played Jamie Lawson on the sitcom Small Wonder. I work at a job where I'm at a computer all day and I occasion… more »

All Miyagi Know Two Things: Booze and Rollin' Bones

ABC Family ran a Karate Kid marathon today and, of course, I couldn't help myself from watching. The film really is the best around and no one's ever gonna get it down. The one thing that really bothers me about the series though, besides 3 and 4 being… more »
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