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Robo ABC’s: Johnny 5 Can’t Read

I just finished The Hound of the Baskervilles the other day, and I think I may have solved a bit of a mystery myself. Not regarding the actual book, of course, but something in the cinema classic Short Circuit 2. I was a little hesitant actually to eve… more »

Is Hermione Granger too Hot?

This debate started when my co-worker popped his head over my cubicle and said, “Guess what? The Harry Potter chick's 19! Pound it!” And, of course, I bumped fists (no fist will ever go unbumped under my watch), but I felt very dirty afterwards. But… more »

Borders Reacts to Boycott

Not long ago, Wolf Gnards announced a Boycott of Borders Bookstores because of their lack of comic book support. Well, Borders have heard our case and have given answers back. Micha Hershman, Borders Category Director - Fiction, Genre Fiction, Graphic… more »