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Best of the Worst: Revisiting my Damaged Darlings

I was hanging out with a friend and he tried to describe my blog to his girl, and his description went something like this, “So, he’s got this formula and it’s actually a pretty good formula, he writes these very nerdy breakdowns with charts and stuff of… more »

Gremlin Reproduction

Or How Mogwai Get it OnWell, kiddies, you're getting older, hair is appearing in funny places, and it looks like it's time to sit down and have a special talk about the birds and the bees and the mogwai. It's not that difficult really. Birds... egg… more »

Gremlin Conundrum: More Mogwai, More Problems

From my grab bag of goodies, here's an email from a new Gnard follower:I just came across your website, and it's like coming home...I was wondering if you've ever pondered this about Gremlins, which to this day (and I'm a physician) still gnaws… more »