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C2E2 Day 3: The Smirk Knight Returns

Not much happened Day 3 for me at C2E2, I spent a third of it standing in line for R.L. Stine. I mostly hunted down T-shirts and squeezed down aisles that were a little less squeezable on Saturday. more »

I Point & Smirk My Way Through C2E2

I Point & Smirk My Way Through C2E2Not many people appreciated the fine art of the point and smirk.Point & Smirk - To point and smirk at something more »

Groundhog Day: The Walking Tour

Another Groundhog Day has come and gone and come and gone and come and gone, and this year I decided to do something to break the monotony. The time has come for me to make my pilgrimage to Groundhog mecca… no, not Punxsutawney, PA. It turns out the fi… more »