Val Kilmer is Everyone

So, it appears my legions of fans (or should I say, “legion of fan”) have been waiting for more about Val Kilmer. I met Kilmer at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, and there seems to be a lot more excitement than I would have thought about that.… more »

Isn’t She muSHa’: Klingon Beauty Pageant?

A little something to warm you up on those cold Klingon nights. Started at the 1999 more »

Mulletology 101: Know Your Mullets

Where have all the mullets gone? In the 80’s, mullets made us happy when we were sad, they cherished us when we were alone, they made us laugh, they made us cry. When there was only one set of foot prints in the sand… why that’s when the mullets were… more »

The Lessons Learned from the Lovely Ladies of Cartoons

Boys have a infinite amount of possibilities. They can be Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, hell, even Aquaman is better than Rainbow Brite, but for girls it’s either Wonder Woman or bust (insert Wonder Woman bust jokes here). In imaginationland, girls are… more »

Natalie Portman vs Megan Fox

Portman vs Fox: a clash of the geek girl Titans. Besides being hot, these two actresses don’t share too much in common. However, they seem to have struck a common chord with nerds of all shapes and sizes. The one thing they do share is career choices.… more »

Weekend at Bernie’s Stinks

Our friends at the Masters of None Podcast ask:Why did Bernie (from Weekend at Bernie’s) never rot or start to smell? Let’s take a look at the stages of death, shall we…Decomposition begins the second the heart stops beating, but actual r… more »